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Insinyur Day 6 :)

Saturday 23 July 2011


We start off the day with the tekan session! :)
Want our girls? Get tekan by us first! :)
But actually every year our OG's way of tekan-ing them has been very mild. If you look at the other OGs ones they are worst =X This year our Peiyu mama came up with stories for them to act out! So she was the director of the day! :) Got Harry Potter, Star Wars and James Bond. Then some had to teach us yoga, warm up exercises, etc. hehex. But in the end got not enough time. So some of the guys just got off by singing :( But they can really sing well lehh!! I was sitting there with our freshies girls trying to mislead the guys. If they pick the wrong girl, they will have to do more forfeits! muahahahas! but almost all of them pick the correct one leh! mama's hints too obvious le!! When they guess which is the girl, they have to go infront of the girl, half kneel and ask "would you go on a date with me?". Got one guy really thought I was a freshie! lols! Cause at the SP nite venue he asked me where is my SP! hahas!

While our freshies go on a date with their SP, we had dinner at Fish & Co! Cause no dinner provided for seniors :(

SAF Yatch Club! :)

PO's group photo! :)

Dance King and Dance Queen Competition!!
They are all blind folded and supposed to keep dancing! :)
First time our OG got people who got into top 5 for guys and top 5 for girls!!

Photo taking time after the event :)

Then we went to Changi Village to have supper!


When we got back to Changi Aloha...

We had a...


from our freshies!

They wrote a card for the Seniors and a card for the GLs! And they bought a cake too! We were wondering how they manage to get the cake! But we were really surprised as we didn't know they will prepare stuffs for us! :) Our sweet PO freshies :)

For my batch, we did something for our GLs too! :) We really gave our GLs a shock! We brought them into the room, all emo emo one. Let them think like we got internal conflict. Like something big happen and we had to talk to them. Then we gave them each a care bear! hehex! Those care bears we bought after our amazing race. They waited at Tampines interchange while I went the one who went to buy it with Kaiwen! Had to fake cramps then say I wanna go buy pads then faster run and buy de! And karma. After faking cramps the next day I really got it. :(

And yes! It's really in our bloodline to surprise our seniors? hehex :) 
Let's see how the next batch surprise their seniors :)

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