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My Polka Dot Nail :)

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Been hearing alot about insinyur camp? :)

After camp I decided to paint my nails! :)
So here's a nail tutorial to share with you all :)

Items needed. I used OPI nail polish, Face Shop nail polish and nail dotter set! :)

1. Apply the Base Coat so that the nail polishes will be easier to apply :)

2. Apply a pink shade (1) of nail polish on the nails that you want to make them fully polkadots.

3. Apply another pink shade (2) to the nails that you want to do a french tip.

4. Wait for the nails to be completely dried then move on to the next step.

5. Using the dotting tool (I used the white dotting tool one), add white dots to the nails painted pink shade (1). Just pour some white nail polish on a piece of paper, then dab the dotting tool on it, then dab it on the nail :)

6. For those nails that applied pink shade (2), do a polka dot french tip using pink shade (1) and white colour nail polishes :)

7. Wait for the previous layer to dry then apply a layer of top coat on all the nails.

8. Add pink crystals to the nails with french tips :) Put a lil bit of base coat on the dotting tool then use it to stick the crystal onto it and arrange on the nail :)

9. Apply another 2 layers of top coat on it. One layer at a time. 
To prevent the crystals from falling off too easily.

And yay! The nails are done. 
It's a little tough doing this DIY nails yourself as there are many layers and we have no nail dryer :( Will need alot of patience to do this.

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