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Bakerzin! :)

Friday 26 August 2011

Ever since I went to stay in hall,
I was always eating in hall/school canteens :(
It's always the same few food I order since last 2 semesters!!

Finally a day for yummy yummy food on! :)
Not any occasion in particular.
It was because there was a Groupon deal for Bakerzin :)
$10 for $20 worth of Gourmet Fare and Desserts!
So my hall friends and I bought the deal on 18Aug and went to eat it on 19Aug!
Just in case we buy for too long and forget about it =X

Bakerzin @ Jurong Point!

See all the nice food!!
And the Bakerzin Dessert Box looks sooooo yummy!!
I ordered Pork Loin Pasta Box :)

The cute toaster :)
Put the bread on top and it comes out below toasted :)

Free flow bread :)
Raisin/Walnut bread with olive oil and vinegar.
I find the bread ok ok only.
But some of my friends love it!

Waiting for our food and drinks to be served! :)
*excited excited*

Wanted to try something different.
So instead of getting peach tea, I got their peach itallian soda.

While waiting for the food to come,
we were talking about how small the food box servings would be.
And guess what?

The serving is super large!! =X

Yummy Pork Loin Pasta!

Like the cheesecake alot!
The not too cheesy type of cheesecake :)
Actually I know how to make this cheesecake.
It's just like the jelly cheesecake!
Digestive biscuit at the bottom, cheesecake mixture in the mid and jelly at the top!

Potato Salad!

Fish Chowder
It has bits of fish meat inside.

Walnut bread and butter
The bread we had earlier!
In the end I couldn't finish the bread and my soda!
Found the soda too gassy already.

But I enjoyed myself that day! :)
Yummy food makes me happy! :)

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