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Birthday Surprise! :)

Thursday 25 August 2011

It's one of our friend's birthday and the freshies were so sweet!
They planned a birthday surprise for him :)

So on wednesday night (17Aug11),
Cheryl came and pass me the balloons which were meant for Hao Ran(the birthday boy).
I was laughing non-stop cause...

 it was a heart shape disney princess balloon!! lols!

So what is this?
It's the back of a scrapbook paper.
And what's written infront?

Here's the front of the scrapbook paper.
A "secret admirer love message" for the birthday boy :)

So mushy!! lols!

Cute cute! Hahas the secret girl's face is a question mark :)

The main point of this letter!
To get him to go to Yunnan Garden at 6.45pm!
This group of freshies super cute la! Use liquid paper for the venue and time somemore!
Cause initially they wrote Nanyang Lake at 6.30pm! lols!

See! Because of them, I held this all the way to school!
Then I passed it to Kelvin to pass to HR, so that he will not suspect that it's the work of PO!
Cause Kelvin is a mutual friend who is not in PO :)
And when the birthday boy received it, he kept insisiting that it's Kelvin and us who pranked him!
So Joy and I had to act blur all the way =X

Then he made us go to yunnan garden with him!
Then Cheryl told Joy and I to stall time cause they not ready yet!!
So we were doing dumb stuffs like taking photos with the balloon under a random lamp post zzz.
And looking at people get caught by the campus security for fishing at nanyang lake.
And we received messages from Cheryl they all that they are at the central pavillion.


School started. Super busy now.
Studying, interviewing freshies, replying email orders, etc.

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