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First Day Of Year 2!

Tuesday 9 August 2011


Been trying to get NDP tickets every year. But I've never gotten the tickets once before! :(
Only performed at NDP once with the combined schools choir in 2004
(The one with the hip hop version of Home by JJ Lin)
And the other time was with my ex. He got the tickets from his dad cause his dad's in rsaf.
Never once balloted any tickets successfully :(
Hope I can get it next year? :)


So yesterday was the first day of year 2 sem 1 :) I travelled all the way from home to school just for an hour lesson that teach us intro to matrix which we have learnt before! :(
But it's ok! I did get my lab manuals and buy my notes! :)

Guess where I went after school??

I went to Clementi!
Joy drove me to there to get milk tea! 
She said there was a new milk tea store beside cheer and they have pudding!! :)

We each got a cup with 30% sugar. But... It's still very sweet! :(
The pearls were quiet hard but the pudding is nice :)
But still... I prefer KOI/Gong Cha cause their 25%/30% is not that sweet.
But I really like the pudding! :(

After that Joy was going to Tiong Bahru. 
So I took a lift there then took train to tampines!

Went to UrbanWrite, a store under Popular Bookstore :)
They've got alot of scrapbook paper and supplies there.
Thus I went there to get the stuffs I need for decorating my table in hall :)

The wide range of scrapbook supplies they have there! :)
In the past they had a lot lesser scrapbook stuffs there.
Glad they brought in more! :)
I love pebbles' ever after series! All the princess deco!!

The wide range of paper supplies they've got there!
In the past it was only one area with paper. 
Now it's three area with their scrapbook paper!

And the best thing??
They are having a scrapbook papers promotion!
30% off till 14August,
valid with every 10pcs and above purchased.

I will be doing a tutorial for my d.i.y decoration using these scrapbook materials!
Keep a lookout for it! :)

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