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Postcard From USA! :)

Monday 8 August 2011

Guess what is this?? :)
It's something we received last wednesday!

Yes! From the title you would know that it's a postcard from USA! :)
But who is it from?? ;)

It's from my dear sister in USA!! :)

Cute right? :) It's an animated card!

It has a total of 3 different pictures! :)

This is the postcard she bought for our youngest sister :)
Not animated BUT it has youngest sis's fav chip inside! :)

She also wrote letters for ah ye, ah ma, daddy and mummy :) and they were all happy fathers day and happy mothers day written on it! ... how long ago did she send this?!?

But still I love my card alot! :) I really want to go to USA too!
Mummy say she's gonna sponsor me a trip to Korea with my cousin/friends.
But I will have to wait till the next holidays :( Cause school just started!
And I'm working hard now! I want to go on a global summer studies to UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) with my friends!

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