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Fright Night Movie Screening

Wednesday 28 September 2011

Thanks to Nuffnang, I went to Fright Night's Preview Movie Screening!
It was the second Nuffnang event I joined! :)

Tickets for me and my sis! :)

This was a little less grand compared to Cars 2 Gala Premier.
So I didn't really manage to take any photos.
And another reason was also because I was rushing there.
Almost late that day! :(


The movie was great!
I think after watching this movie I will go crazy?
Cause it was really both funny and scary!
It's like suddenly funny and suddenly scary!
It was really scary for me! :(
My hands were at my ears most of the time! =X
(yes everytime I watch anything scary I tend to cover my ears)
So those who like horror and comedy movies,
this will be a great movie for you to catch!
Do watch it in the cinemas! :)

My sis and I at the MRT station :)
(yes my youngest sis is the tallest amongst us siblings)


Going to celebrate Joy's birthday now! :)
I sacrificed my two Real Steel Gala Premier tickets for this ok.
Supposedly there is a Real Steel Gala Premier going on now :(
The movie should be starting about now.
Oh wells hope there are more Gala Premiers to come!

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