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Star Cruises Contest! :)

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Those who follow me on facebook and twitter and my blog post on forest adventure
would know that I'm joining a contest now :)

Yes the Star Cruise contest :) I really want to win it for my family!
We haven't gone on a trip together for a very very very long time already.
So everyone please help!
Vote for me here: http://bit.ly/oHRT3z
You can vote once everyday from now till 18Nov. 
So whenever you are free, please pop by and help vote.
You will get vouchers for voting too :)

Here are the steps to vote!
For first time voters:
1) Click on this link: http://bit.ly/oHRT3z

Then you will reach:
2) Like Star Cruises' facebook page as show above :)

Then the page will load again and you will reach this:

3) Click on "Vote" :)

4) Oh a pop-up!
"Ehh I've voted before? Cannot be leh!"
Don't worry. Refresh the page.

Then you will see this:
5) Click on "Allow"
This is so as to allow them to email you the vouchers! :)
And only after you allow then can vote.

Then you will reach this page:
6) Paste this link: http://bit.ly/oHRT3z into your address bar and enter :)

You will come back to my voting page :)
7) Click on "Vote" again :)

YAY! Successfully voted! :)
8) Click on the cross to exit the pop-up :)
Thanks alot for voting for me! :)
Leave me a PM on facebook after that with your link and I will vote for you too!

For those who have voted before:
Yes you can still vote for me again! :)
You can vote for more than one group each day.

But did you come across such a pop up when you clicked vote?
Don't worry just refresh your page and follow steps 6-8 above! :)
If problem still not solved, try clicking "vote" twice :)
Either should work.
Leave me a PM on facebook after that with your link and I will vote for you too!

Points to take note:
1) You can vote for an entry once per day! And you can vote for more than one entry each day! :)
So you can vote for yourself or your friends and still vote for me at the same time :)

2) Make sure the voting count does increase. That is when you have really voted! :)

Thank you all for voting! ♥
Your help is greatly appreciated by my family and I.

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