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How To Record Meeting Minutes :)

Sunday 18 September 2011

Had my first meeting on thursday as a financial secretary :)
BUT I didn't know how to record minutes! lols!
So I just kept typing and typing on words document and not knowing how to arrange them.
How can a financial secretary not know how to record minutes right! :(
After the meeting ended, I went back to my room and faster google about how to record meeting minutes!

* Googles online *

Things needed:
- Laptop
- Pen and Paper (optional cause I prefer typing)

So here are the important stuffs to include in a meeting minutes:
1) Name of Organisation, Date, Time and Location of meeting

2) Attendance!
list down the names (together with their titles) of those who are present for the meeting

3) Dicussions/Decisions made during the meeting

4) Actions to be followed up (Homework!)

That's very much what is required to be on the meeting minutes! :)
*phew i got all of them for this first meeting*
Seems little right? But I typed alot!
The main bulk was the discussions and decisions made section.

Read a bit more online.
They mentioned about not joining in the discussion 
(cause won't be able to focus and stuff)
And also, to check and clarify with the in-charge if there is anything that you don't understand.

I think this two points aren't really relevant to me.

I have to join the discussion. That's for sure.
Cause I need to give suggestions as well.
As for the part on clarifying, maybe it's a note for external meeting minutes recorder to note?
Cause for my case, I somewhat know what they are discussing and stuff as I have been in this committee for a year plus already! Since year 1 in hall 8! :)

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