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Maddi Jane :)

Monday 19 September 2011

Here to share another youtube singer! :)

It's Maddi Jane from Chicago!
Pretty girl right?

Here rolling in the deep cover is my fav :)
I think she is very suited for those low notes songs!
Her voice has the depth! :)

The first time i heard her song was probably last year or the start of this year?
She was 11 then and she even went on Ellen!
Some of her older songs below!

Breakeven being the oldest among this 3 songs!
And it was her first song i heard! :)
Super talented young lady.
Improved alot from the past!
(Compare breakeven and rolling in the deep!)
How I wish I could sing like her too :(
(Yes yes I always wish I could sing as well as others)

My hall friend just intro-ed me to an online vocal lesson website! :)
He suggested that I learn it one lesson every week as that is what the site advised too.
That site always post once a week or something like that.
(So it's like a lesson once per week)
Hope it's useful! Then I will share it with you all as well! :)

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