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Chomp Chomp!

Wednesday 19 October 2011

A treat for my family! :)
Starting to earn a little online already and havent bought stuffs for my family.
So decided to treat them dinner! :)
It was not really a full dinner treat though.
Just buy some side dishes cause grandma already cooked rice and soup!

We went to chomp chomp to get the food :)
It was soooo crowded!
Daddy had a hard time finding a parking lot!

First we ordered Stingray here :)

Then went to get my lil sister's favourite pohpiah

And we ordered satay.

Chicken wings! :)

And lastly, rojak :)

All the food that we ordered! :)
This pohpiah was from a store which went on channel u's show before.
(I realise a number of stall in chomp chomp went on chn u before o.o)
It's $2 each for the normal pohpiah :)
It's not bad. Quite nice! :) Taste like what my ah ma usually make!
But the pohpiah ah ma makes has more ingredients hehex cause self-make! :)

Bought from one of the stalls.
Not really nice though.
The sauce not hot one (a bit diluted).
Not sure if there is any popular satay stall in chomp chomp :(
But the unique thing is they gave pineapple paste to add to the sauce.
Don't really like it though.
But one of my sis who don't take hot stuffs finds it ok :)
But my whole family still prefer the satay stall in bedok hawker center! :)
I blogged about buying supper there previously.
No photo of the stall though.
Next time i will remember to take photo of the stall! :)

What is this?
Look at the smoke!
It's chicken wings! :)
They even wrapped it in aluminum foil so the oil wont leak!
The chicken wings were fresh and tasted not bad :)
It's $1 each only!

Rojak! I didn't try it though. But my grandpa says its still the bugis stall which is nicer.

I bought leaves to eat?
Hahas! No =P
It's stingray! :)
The stingray were nice! :)
But those who don't take hot stuffs might not like it.
Cause it's rather hot.

:) So that was all I bought for my family.
I'm thinking of treating them something better.
Was actually thinking of RWS cause the previous time we held SP night there,
the food was really great! :)
Shall find time to bring them there :)

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