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Fried Ice Cream! :)

Tuesday 18 October 2011

My hall's halloween event!
Cause one of our FOC maincomm member's dad sells fried ice-creams,
we bought from them and sold it at the event! :)

Fried ice-cream!
1 @ $3.50
2 @ $6.00
We had 100 instock and all were sold out at the event! :)

Ice-cream frying in the process! :)

I bought a strawberry one! :)
Was having a sore throat but I still wanted to try it!!
So I bought a strawberry one instead of my favourite chocolate flavour!
At least can reduce the harm by a lil bit right?

First time trying and it's nice!
Wonder where to buy it outside.

Was at the stall the whole time.
So I didn't really know what happened at other stalls.
But there was a dunking machine store!
Pay to have a chance of dunking someone! =P

There was a short performance by jam band too.
But other than that I think there was nothing else interesting :(
Quite a short event.
But at least FOC earned money!
From the sales of the fried ice-cream and past FOC t-shirts! :)
I managed to help FOC sell a few t-shirts! :)
*happy happy*

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