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The Utown Trip That Everyone Knew!

Tuesday 31 January 2012

Yes, I went to Utown with my JC clique (4 out of 7)!
And it was a trip that everyone knew! lols.
Cause I posted on fb and tag them to ask about our Utown trip.
In the end many saw it! lols.

I was telling Joy I will be going out.
And the first thing she said was "Utown ar?" lols.
And my friend saw another of her friend.
And that friend also asked her "Going to Utown?" hahahas.
So it's a Utown trip that everyone knew! =P

First we went to meet Kai Ru!
She was going to have a lecture.
So we went to crash her lecture for awhile :)
And who knows, we saw Mavis (another JC classmate) too! :)

So we took a group shot together ;)

Then we travelled to Utown cause the lecturer was in the LT already :(

Utown! :) Shiyun and Vicky walking infront :)
Shiyun was our tour guide for the day!
Cause the rest of us were from NTU :)

Had lunch at the Korean restaurant.
Heard the food was good.
And it was indeed really not bad! :)

What I ordered was Pork + Chicken hotplate.
Didn't have lunch so was super hungry.
But I still, I couldn't finish what I ordered :(
It was $7.40 inclusive of a drink!
Hot plate Pork + Chicken, Miso soup, Asian Apricot Tea, Bean Sprouts, Kimchi :)
Their Asian Apricot Tea was not bad :) Sour Sour + Sweet Sweet one :)
Taste a lil like sour plum drink hahas.

After food we toured around Utown!

Spot a nice tree! ;)

Photo time! ;)

Walking on the bridge! :)

Then we went to arts school and went to the bus terminal in NUS to take a bus to Vivo! :)
So cool right? NUS has their own bus terminal!
And their school wasn't ulu at all - unlike NTU!
Everyone calls NTU as Pulau NTU!
It's at a super ulu part of Singapore :(
How am I gonna survive when I no longer stay in hall?!? :(

Anyways we reached Vivo and Vicky treat us yoghurt icecream! :)
Love yogurt ice creams! :)
Vicky and I love the original and pomegranate flavour ones.
Alicia loves the banana flavour one.
Shiyun loves the cookies and cream flavour one.

After finishing the yogurt ice cream,
we went to...
Sentosa boardwalk!
Never been there before lols.
Always wanted to go out of Vivo to take photos.
But never had a chance to.

Love these girls!
All of us like to take random photos.
And we know everyone likes to appear in photos.
So we always take turns to use the camera :)
And we purposely came out of Vivo to the boardwalk to take photos! ;)

My back view :) Rainbow bag!

Nice nice scenery :)

We were walking and taking photos here and there.
And there was this really nice foreigner who saw Vicky taking a photo for us and offered to help!
So nice of him right?
So there! Our group photo on the boardwalk :)

Nice cloudy day :)

Nice staircase spotted! ;)

Photo taking time! :)

The two with the rainbow bags!
Alicia and I :)

By the time we were leaving the place, the sun was setting!
Shall end of this post with a nice sunset photo :)

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