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Friday the 13

Wednesday 1 February 2012

Friday the 13 was my early day and everyone else's late day!
I reached lab at 10am sharp and had to wait for the rest to reach :(
Waited for 30mins and Joy reached.

We took this photo together and wanted to whatsapp to Chor Seng.
But while we were trying to edit the photo using instagram, Chor Seng reached already...

Then we started on what we were supposed to do.
We patched the circuit then Chor Seng taught us how to solder! :)
And thanks to Joy, they all thought that other than being called Hui Ping, I'm also Kathlyn.
Cause Joy spelt it wrongly.
She keep spelling it as Kathlyn instead of Katelyn...
And they all happily think that I named myself Kathlyn hahas.
I kept telling them that I am not Kathlyn and that Joy any how call me Kathlyn but they don't believe :(
But oh wells! I don't want them to find this blog yet ;)
And Chor Seng say I have a "Stacy" look lols.
So they started calling me Kathlyn Stacy Tan Hui Ping.
But oh wells! Don't want them to know my Katelyn name too! hahas.

Then later at night I was meeting my ex-colleagues.
And again, they were all late.
We were meeting at 6.30pm. But I ended up reaching early at 6pm.
So I went shopping first.

Walking around Bugis Junction.

Nice shawl spotted hehex.
And I went into the shop, tried it on and bought one.
Super impulsive buyer =X

Continued shopping around and found this shop (right opposite).
Went int and bought a loose top ;)

That's two buys while waiting for them!
It was 6.30pm already but all still not here yet :(
So I continued walking around.

Food Junction!
They have nice roti pratas there!
Was hungry by then (didn't have breakfast and lunch)
Tempted to go in but I can't!
Meeting them for steamboat!

CNY deco in Bugis Junction :)

Then Minyu reached at 7pm so we went to get a seat at the steamboat place first.

Went to Tian Tian Huo Guo.

The rest only came at 7.30pm :(

Btw I think Tian Tian Huo Guo's standard dropped :(
And I think they added alot more MSG now :(
Felt really thirsty after the meal!

And while I was uploading photos, I realised one thing!
I didn't take any photos of the food itself lols!
Didn't take any photos with them too :(
So that is the end of this post!
Not much photo one (prolly cause none of them have the habit of taking photos).
And also cause of the big big problem that most of my friends don't know that I'm a blogger.

It's like sometimes when I go out, I will take photo of my food and stuff.
Then those who don't know that I'm a blogger will start asking 
"huh? eat food also must take photo?"
And sometimes I will feel a lil offended by it. 
Cause my purpose of taking photo was to share with you all!
At least take a photo of the food before so if it's nice I have nice photo to show you all.
Rather than eating and knowing it's nice already then taking the photo of my half eaten food :(
But oh wells. It's cause they don't know. (I must be understanding)
But I can't possibly go around telling everyone that I'm a blogger too what! hahas.
At least it's a way for them to find out that I'm a blogger and stop asking =P

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