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Chinese New Year Day 1

Wednesday 15 February 2012

For every Chinese New Year, Day 1 is the day for us to go to Loyang Tua Pek Kong to pray 
then wait for my paternal relatives to visit our home :)
And this year, it's the same too!

And you've been warned!
There's alot of photos in this post! ;)

Only went to Loyang Tua Pek Kong with daddy, mummy and sisters.
Grandpa and Grandma didn't come along.

Walking to the carpark!

Waiting for daddy to drive the car out of the carpark slot.

Photos in daddy's car :)

Parked along the road and walked to loyang tua pek kong.

Inside the temple!

Look at the crowd!

We each had a bowl of their soup.
Think it's some red date longan soup.

The Cai Shen statue there!

Not really sure what this is.
But it's said to bring good luck too :)

This area had lesser people :)

Helped daddy and mummy take a photo :)

Mummy wanted to take photos with the flowers :)

And we camwhored! hahas!

Reason why we camwhored instead of going home 
was cause we were waiting for them to give out the coin!
It's something that we collect every year :)
They say it's something lucky ;)
So my family just collects it and keep them at home.

Outfit of the Day
Dress: Missypixie
Flats: Anna Nucci

 Our nails! :)

Bin and mummy :)

 Ling and Bin playing?!? hahas.

Group shot of... our feet? hahas

Yes there is a carpark in the temple.
But the number of slots is never enough!

We waited longer and took more photos!

We took a group shot too! :)
And yupps all of us wear specs!

We waited a lil more but still no news of them giving the coins.
So we decided to come back again at night :)

Went home and some of my relatives were there already.
No photos of them though.
My paternal family don't have a habit of taking photos.
Even my cousin always take photo with her head down.
So yupps. Didn't take any photos =P

And at night after they all went home...

We went to Loyang Tua Pek Kong again :)

First time there at night!
Look at all the lightings!

Everything is lighted up at night :)

And awhile after we reached, they gave a announcement that that are giving out the coin!
So we went to queue :)

We were near the start of the queue.

 Look at the queue behind us!

The "Cai Shen" talking to the crowd.
They were gonna start giving out the coins!

After collecting our coins, bin and I had to queue two times!
To get my grandpa and grandma one each too!
To get some luck for them as well :)

And OMG! This was how long the queue was!!!
But we were really sincere in getting one for them too.
So we just went ahead and queued.

Finally we are near! :)

After collecting the coin, we went home :)

Saw this outside the temple.
There's a bell behind each hole.
Supposed to aim and throw at the bell!
The first I tried was 心想事成.
And yay! One time hit! :)

Then I was joking with my sister that need to know projectile motion 
and calculate the angles and stuff hahas. 

When we reached home we played blackjack! :)
Family bonding time ;)

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