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Chinese New Year Day 2

Thursday 16 February 2012

Day 2 of CNY!
Maternal family gathering at my uncle's place!

Photos before contouring nose :)

Photo with my sister (after contouring nose and cheeks)
Does my nose look sharper? ;)

Walking to daddy's car :)

Photos with sisters in daddy's car :)

Daddy and mummy :)

Cam-whored in daddy's car ;)

Bin was watching shows on her iPad2!

Reached Woodlands :)

My oriental clutch :)

Reaching soon! :)

Outfit of the Day
Heels: City Square Metro

Love swinging Faire Belle's Nicole Embroidery Swing Dress :) *photo below*
It's a very cute and fun dress to play with hahas. When I'm bored I just kept playing with the dress lols.

Photo at uncle's place!
And :( eyebag! I need more sleep!

Sisters and some of my girls cousins!

Our little gambler? hahas.

Family photo with maternal relatives!

Then we all went home.
From here onwards, photos posted were taken using my sister's DSLR.

Watched a lil TV
(Photo taken cause sis setting up her DSLR and she was testing it out)

Me swirling my dress! :)

Photo with grandma!
I think I'm like both my grandma and my mummy :)
We love to take photos!
Sisters are more like daddy and grandpa :)
They don't like to take photos as much.

Did grandma's makeup for her :)
Different shades of pink eyeshadows, contour her nose and cheeks a lil :)

So why was my sis prepping her DSLR?
We were gonna take family photo! :)

The third shot I purposely use my dress to cover my sis hahas!
See grandma's mouth? She saw and was telling me not to play =P

The sisters standing in sequence.
Grandparents in the center, Parents on the right and us (left to right: ling, bin, me)
I'm the oldest :)

A half sit half stand shot :)
Grandpa and Grandma sat infront of us :)

Cute photo of grandparents! :)

Daddy and mummy :)

Us and grandma :)

Happy grandma! :)
She loves taking photos ;)
All the decos at home were done by her!
She loves deco-ing the house.
Kept buying decos for CNY! hahas.

And lastly...

I did a jump shot! =P

And that was all for CNY day 2! :)

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