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A Date Before DIP!

Friday 2 March 2012

Every wednesday is my date day with Joy ;)
We will always find a place nice to eat cause we have 2 hours before DIP!
So we went to Clementi!

Hahas kids menu?
Cause we couldn't find any normal seats :(
So we sat at the kids corner.
We weren't the only non-kids doing that anyways =P

Bought Pepper Lunch Express at the food court.

Photos with the food!

It was mad rush again cause we wanted to buy KOI.
Two hour was never enough whenever we travel somewhere else to eat
and what more buy KOI! :(
But we offered to buy for our group mates too.
So had to just go ahead and buy it.

The queue! :(
And look at the queue number!
It was serving 142 when we joined the queue!

Finally our KOI!
We only bought 8 cause 2 of our members didn't want.
But guess what? Joy and I ended up not drinking :(
Long story. BUT it's okay! At least everyone was happy :)
We can always buy KOI again another time :)


Sorry my posts has been kind of short lately!
Life has been really mundane and boring :(
But I have a few long long posts coming soon!
Promise ;)

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