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Valentine's Day 2012!

Saturday 3 March 2012

The night before Vday...

Started packing at around 12am?

Bought these with daddy and mummy at Giant before coming back to hall.
And the lollipops ended up giving me problems! :(

Couldn't close the box properly due to the lollipops :(

So I had to bent one corner so that the lollipop stick will have space :(

Packing everything into individual boxes.

Ribbons tying time!
It was almost 1.45am already!

Finally done! At almost 3am :(
I think I became a pro in tying ribbons after that lols!


Super sleepy already.
KO-ed right after that lols.

On Vday itself...

Started off Vday with Joy picking me up!

And we realised that all the carparks around school was full! :(
I guess many people drive to school cause they have a date after that?
So we had to wait to enter the carpark!

BUT we made full use of our time by taking pictures! ;)

We were in school for our lectures.
And after lectures it was...

Photos with teddies and roses :)

Even the teddies want to take peektures =P

Then we met our DIP mates and gave them vday gifts :)
And joy went on her date while i went on a "date" with 7 guys!
Hahas the #foreveralones have a vday dinner tgt.
Not really all foreveralone. Two were attached but not meeting their gfs that day.
Yupps yupps everyday can be a vday okay!
So not vday then 100% must meet one!

We went to JP earlier so we could find seats very quickly.

Settled for dinner at Ajisen.
After dinner, we left Ajisen and had a shock!
Scary long queues! So luckily we went there early :)
And that was how I spent my vday!

Outfit of the Day
Hearts Cardigan: Intoxiquette
Grey Top: 77th Street
Bottom: Cotton On

The day after Vday...

We had a post Vday? hahas.
It was Wednesday = DIP day = Good food day due to the 2hrs break!

So Joy and I decided to go to BenTen Cafe in Jurong Point!

They have this humongous icecream!
Tried it before with my hall girls.
6 of us couldn't finish it!
(but it was prolly cause we each had a main course)

Tried their set lunch promotion :) It was around $11.60 after adding GST

We decided on having Curry Rice cause the meal comes with soup!
Ordered two different ones to share.

And while waiting for the food, it was camwhore time! hahas.

Proper shot :)

Candids :)

Soup of the day - Pumpkin soup
Drink - Calamansi Drink

Bread! Not bad when taken together with the soup :)

More photos while waiting for the main courses to come ;)

Teriyaki Chicken Curry Rice and Hamburger Curry Rice!

Photo with our food!

Mixed our food :) Half of each!
And the serving was super large!
It ended up with both of us not finishing our rice =X
But I think the money was worth it :)
Food was not bad plus large servings.

The bill for that meal!
After paying the bill, we made our way back to school for DIP.

And guess what?
The guys bought us belated vday pressie! ;)

Macarons from Bakerzin!

So we decided to have a group shot! :)
And they say it's as if we've completed our project and are celebrating lols!

See all so happy!

First Shot!
This shot was super funny :)
Sam was actually blocked.
But he managed to do a jump shot with my camera timer!

I took the second shot and edited it :)
Love the font alot! ;)
As usual, my favourite rainbow colour!
But didn't purposely use rainbow colour cause I like it.
It was cause I didn't know what colour they like =P

And you realised there is tau huey on the table?
The guys bought it too :)

Two happy girls with macarons!
We wanted to share with the guys.
But they didn't want to take it :(

Colourful macarons! ♥
Light Brown, Orange - Dark Brown, Pink, Green, Purple, Dark Brown!

Selegie soya beancurd :)
Never tried it before.
But after trying it, I quite liked it :)
It's the type that I like cause it's not too sweet.
The beancurd was actually pure beancurd taste.
No sugar added to it I think.
And the syrup wasn't too concentrated too :)
Had that as my dinner. Plus macarons lols.
Cause I was still feeling full from lunch!

Guessing flavour time!
Have no idea what flavour each of the macarons were!

PINK - Rose
But felt it was too sweet :(
My fav colour though...

DARK BROWN - Chocolate
Love this! hahahas.
Those who know me will know that I love choco ;)

PURPLE - Blueberry
A lil sweet with a sour taste.
Not bad thanks to the sour taste.
It lessened the sweetness :)

DARK BROWN + ORANGE - Chocolate Orange
Nice! Wasn't too sweet. A lil orange taste in the chocolate.
And most importantly... it was choco! hahas.

GREEN - Pistachio
A lil unique nut taste.
Actually I love pistachio.
Always eat it during CNY.
The taste wasn't really strong here.
But guessed it through the colour :)
Usually green macarons are either green tea or pistachio =P

Cannot say I didn't give face =P
Took two days to finish though.
Last two was eaten as breakfast the next day lols.
And there was another one.
Joyce (my neighbour) took that.
Cause Chor Seng (my DIP mate) told her to get macarons from me.
They know each other through NTU ODAC and they are a scandalous pair! =P

So I had a happy happy vday with my friends :)
How did you all celebrate your vday?
Hope all of you had a great vday too! :)

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