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Bye Hall

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Moved out of Hall 8 on 4th May!
My room was BLK 43, Level 2, Room 798!
Bye to the room I stayed in for 2 years.

2nd level, 2nd room from the left.

Comms Hall

Block 43!

Shifted everything out and returned the room key.
After that I went to IMM with dad and grandma.
Cause I still have around 1hour plus before DIP meeting.

Walked around IMM.

Went to Giant to do some shopping.

Bought Crispy Chicken from Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks :)

Photo in the lift :)
Going back to the car and daddy drove me back to NTU.

Reached school and realised only 5 out of 10 were meeting! LOLS!
My subgroup report was done already so actually Chor Seng and I don't need to be there.
But we were there to see if others needed help :) 
Kai Sen, Sam and Yong Jian were rushing their report.
I had my lappy with me. So I used photoshop to help them with their report pictures :)

We stayed there all the way till 6pm to print report!
And my sweet sweet parents offered to come to school to pick me up :)
Photos below are random shots I took while waiting for my parents!

My rainbow bag!
I still like rainbows alot alot :)
Rainbows make me happy!

Empty empty road.

The two songs I set on replay :)

Empty school!

Waited till around 7pm (about 30mins) then my parents reached and picked me home :)
I rather wait than take the train lols! Yes I'm lazy =P
But I really can't stand the train rides! :( Two hours of public transport in order to reach home!


A little something to share with you all today!
I've received news from Shiseido that they are having a sale!
Details below! :)
Hope it's useful to all of you! :)

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