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Panasonic E-Symphony Bloggers Event

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Was invited to Panasonic e-Symphony Bloggers Event :)
Got to thank Panasonic for the invite as I had fun and made new friends there :)

Reached there early.
A laptop set up for each of us.
Guess what is it for? ;)

Refreshments for us :)

Not everyone reached yet.

Gina G from Fly Entertainment was the emcee of the day :)
She's a really friendly lady!

This is what the lappy was for! :)
It's a really cute and fun game!
Felt like a DJ when I was playing it hahas!
All our tracks were unlocked (cause they unlocked them for us to try out)
But for all you out there who are interested in this mini game,
you will have to unlock some of the tracks yourselves.
Hints to unlock are below ;)

We were each given a Panasonic ear piece to use :)
It's for us to keep too! BUT I left mine there! :(

The place for our lunch with tables neatly set up!

White Board for our eco knowledge game :) Trivia Session.

Menu for the day!

Photo with Szeki whom I invited to the event :)
Luckily Danny was nice enough to let me invite someone to accompany me to the event!

New friends!
Kenny (we both have a mutual friend) and Lastrina :)

Unique lighting.

Gina having the lil quiz with the other group first.
It's a trivia session for us to win more hints for all you readers!
We had two questions and I won one of it! :) Lucky guess though.
And I shared my hint with the other bloggers seated around me ;)

Salmon Salad
A lil too salty though.
Think they marinated it with alot of spices.

Szeki's Red Lentil Soup
Another name for curry?
Cause it smelt like curry. They say it tasted like curry too.

Chicken Tagine
Same thing the meat was a lil too salty too!
But was taken with the rice it's fine :)
And the rice tasted like nasi lemak rice!

Lastrina's Red Snapper Shashlik

Mixed Berries Parfait
This was yummy! Not too sweet :)

Took a group shot with those who sat around us for lunch :)
Left to Right:
Szeki, Me, Priscilla, Sabrina, Kenny, Lastrina, Olivia

A game of ecopoly! :)

Here's five eco hints I won for you all so you can use it unlock more tracks in e-Symphony!
And an additional hint I won in the trivia game was:
Hint #21
Is 10 litres of saved water per whoosh negligible?

Goodie Bags for us! :)
We each received $50 RWS vouchers in an envelop too! So nice of them right?
And I had two envelops thanks to Olivia! She's actually an environmentalist. 
So she's quite against going to RWS due to the marine and dolphin issues.
So she gave me the vouchers!

Went to bugis after the event to meet daddy and mummy to do some shopping!
Decided to sit in the MRT station for awhile cause I know daddy and mummy won't reach so quickly.

Outfit of The Day
Dress: Missypixie
Cardigan: Some set up stall in Loyang Point
Shoes: Anna Nucci

Random shots in OG! And yes I used the eco bag on the spot!
Cause I only brought a wristlet out and there was too much to carry.
And I randomly took a glitter hat there to take a photo! lols.
Not bad if it's for some hip hop performance ;)
That's all for the day! Enjoyed myself lots! :)

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