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Planning for USA Trip! Part 1

Saturday 12 May 2012

MY 300th BLOG POST! :)
Part 1 of my planning for USA Trip and many many more parts to come!

Book international air tickets (Done)
Plan 2weeks plus road trip
Book hotels and domestic air tickets
Find an apartment (Done)

Oh. I've yet said what this trip is for!
It's actually NTU's Global Summer Studies Trip :)
I applied to go to UCLA! So will be studying there for 6weeks.
This is the reason why I'm finding an apartment.
And it's not that their halls are not good. * heard their food is cooked by 5stars chef! *
We just wanted to try living outside and I think it will be easier to travel when we are going out too.

Currently still planning our 2weeks plus road trip!
Got so much to do! Hopefully we can successfully settle everything before leaving!

Will list the places I'm travelling to soon! :)
Hope my travelogues will be useful for those who are travelling to USA in the future! :)

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