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Happy Birthday Wai Gong! :)

Friday 11 May 2012

Celebrated my maternal grandpa(i call him wai gong)'s birthday a few weeks ago :)
Those who followed me on twitter and instagram would know :)

Our sumptuous meal!
My maternal family are all good cooks okay!
Actually my paternal grandma is a good cook too.
But my maternal family owns a shop! :)
They don't sell the food above (that's cooked for ourselves hahas)
But they are quite famous for their teochew muay!
Even ieatishootipost blogged about it here!

Those who like to try it out can vist:
Soon Kee Teochew Porridge 
(33 Sembawang Eating House), 
33 Sembawang Road #01-04/07, 
Hong Heng Garden, Singapore 779084

My San Yi and Xiao Yi :)

Sweet and sour fish

Fried Crab


Ngoh Hiang

Chili Crab

Meat Slices (for shabu shabu)

That's the photos of all the yummy food! :)

Adults on one table and kids on another :)
I'm still a kid! hahahas!
Okays at least in their eyes.
As they always say...
You are always a kid in your parents' eyes.

The birthday cake from Prima Deli :)

Happy grandparents :)

With all my cousins! :)

All the adults (except my gim gim and xiao yi zhang)

Lighting the cake! :)

Youngest cousin trying to help cut the cake lols!

Bird's nest for dessert!
And that was all for that day :)

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