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Mixed Feelings

Thursday 10 May 2012

I have so much that I'm suppose to blog.
BUT I'm busy with my DIP now!
Tomorrow will be the final day for DIP!

Here's a sneak peak of our car ;)

So much to do today and yet I'm blogging now.
I know I'm crazy but I just wanted to type some stuffs.
Having a headache now. Maybe due to the lack of sleep for the past few days.
Been going out everyday and only reaching home late at night (afew days at 12mn)
And having to wake up early the next day and stuff. I'm really tired :(

Headache's not helping my need to understand and help edit my sub group report now.
And having lots of stupid mixed random feelings now which isn't helping me at all!
I say stupid cause it's really dumb feelings which I even hate myself for having.
Sudden feelings of being useless, stupid, extra, etc. No idea why I have such a feelings too :(
Those who have been following my blog for a long time knows that I've got low confidence 
due to stuffs that happened in the past.
But all these feelings are coming back again. Why?!

I'm so sorry for ranting here. But just wanted to release all these feelings :(
And I promise I will be back with better posts!
Now I've got to go back to understanding the changes made to our report.
Was late today and they made changes and I'm lost now!
I think tonight can don't sleep le. Cause I've got to wake up at 6.00am tomorrow!
Or maybe even 6am cos I take very long to get ready to go out. Sighhhs.

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