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Temple Dinner Event!

Monday 7 May 2012

The event area!
Just the open field near Paya Lebar.

There was Getai!
Still remember my JC PW I the individual report on Getai! :)
Got the idea from TV then hahas.

Food from Pin Si!
Been to that restaurant before.
Their food is really not bad!
Not too oily/salty one! I like! hahas.

The sisters!

My camwhore mummy hahahas!
She saw I was taking photos so purposely try to appear in the photo.
She was just sitting there talking to my maternal relatives.

Table 59!

Many many tables there!

Me and my grandma! :)

Mummy back at our table hahas.

Random photos taken ;)
That pink form is actually for the auction :)

Paternal Grandpa and Grandma :)

Daddy and Mummy :)

Maternal side table :)
That's not all of them!
Cause I've got another aunt who didn't come.
And also another aunt who had her own table.

Maternal Grandpa and Grandma :)

Grandma likes to take photos too!
Now you know where I got my genes from?
From my mummy and my paternal grandma! hahahas!
And an unglam shot of my sis =P

More random shots!
I was bored! Actually there wasn't much to do.
Just waiting for the food to come!

Had 7-up that day.
They even have Martell okay!

Finally the food came!!!
Okays I wasn't really that hungry.
Appetite haven't fully come back.
Wasn't feeling well the past few days :(
So I was the "waitress" of my table! hahas.

Longevity Noodles

Mix Plate

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

Roast Suckling Pig

Prawn Wraps? Ngoh Hiang?
Not sure what it was.
And I like the vege at the side! :)
A mix of pineapples, carrots and cucumber.
Sour sour one! Anyone knows what is it?


Mayonnaise Prawn

Braised Pork Bun

Jelly Dessert 
with something inside that mummy say is expensive
(something like bird's nest)

All the food was nice!
Grandparents loved it alot too!
Maybe next time can bring them to the restaurant to eat again :)
Cause they haven't been to that restaurant before.
Was there the previous time with my maternal side family.

Ending off with a photo of the 3 sisters!
Wasn't eating much so was spending time taking lots of random photos! ;)

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