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Congrats Mei Mei! :)

Friday 29 June 2012

Okays I have so much to blog till I don't know what to blog first.
Supposed to blog about Star Cruise first but it's just too long to blog about it!
Too many photos! So... I shall blog about sister's graduation ceremony first :)
The sis who is one year younger than me graduated from SP this year!

Monkey and sunflower mummy bought for sis :)

Sis and her friends before the ceremony!

Here's how the auditorium look like :)
We took shots of sis at her seat! And she saw us too hahas (look at the last photo)
And guess what? Joy's mummy graduated that day too!
She's the lady on the right in the last photo! Took this photo without knowing that was Joy's mummy.
Only knew how she looked like when she went on the stage and saw Joy frantically taking photos.

Photos taken while waiting for the ceremony to start ;)

Spot my sister! hahas =P

Sister on stage! When sis went on stage her friends cheered so loudly for her sia!
While daddy and I were frantically trying to snap photos LOLS! P.S we each used a DSLR.
Then heard the person infront saying something like my sis very popular or smth liddat rofl.

The lead girl of the day :)

Her sunflowers that I was helping her hold on to half of the time!
As if it was my graduation. Fancy walking around with the sunflower.

Individual shots with sis.
Youngest sis didn't join us cause she had school that day.
(Parents took leave to attend this ceremony)
Grandpa didn't join us cause he don't like to attend such events.
By right each student can only invite 2 people for the ceremony.
Want to know how I get so many tickets? SECRET! hahahas!
Ask me and I will tell you ;)

Her monkey and her bear.

More photos with sis.

Group shot :)

Photos of sis and her friends.

Cute right? hahahas!

And when we reached home...

We took family photos :)

And I camwhored with the teddy hahahas!

Yay! One blog post done!
So hard to find time to blog overseas! :(
1. Busy going out
2. School! Though it's just two modules, the amount of stuffs we have to self read at home is crazy!
BUT the weekend is near! We have no school on friday.
So Friday, Saturday, Sunday will be our outing day! :)
This weekend we will be going to Las Vegas! Gamble gamble!
Hahas kidding. I will only go in to look see look see since I'm 21 and can enter casino already ;)
So that's all for this post :) Will try to blog again soon!

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