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First Day of School!

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Today was the first day of school!
UCLA is a pretty pretty campus!
Flowers everywhere! NTU should plant more flowers!

Instagram taken today in UCLA :)

And I hope I'm making sense now cause we just had alcohol lols!
Joy KO already and amelia went to bath. I've got nth to do now.
Feeling so sleepy now and tomorrow's lesson is in the morning!
Actually I didn't drink that much =P
except for one gulp of concentrated vodka + mixer which made me turn red :(
After that I started pouring more mixer lols.
Had worst drinking experience before - drinking and sleeping at a random void deck hahas.
Luckily I had a friend to look after me then. But that was cause I drank on empty stomach!
Today we had a proper meal then drink so it's ok :)

And yes we cooked our own meal today! Pasta! :) Photos another day ;)
I've got so many things I haven't blogged about! Must find time to write all the blog posts already.
And I just realised I have no idea what time zone this blog is using! Should be Singapore timezone.
But when I say today it's Los Angeles 25th June! In SG it should be 26th June already?
Hmmm so I guess that's all for now? Will blog again soon! :)

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