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Last Day In Orlando!

Sunday 24 June 2012

Okays so my last post about my trip was about my last day in new york.
And now it's my last day in Orlando!
I'm typing this post in MCO now! Their internet is fast! :)

Between NY and Orlando I actually went to Washington.
Yes yes. I didn't even share about it yet and I'm leaving Orlando already! Lag much :(
But it was just a short 2 days in Washington so there wasn't much instagrams too.
And now I shall pick afew instagrams to share with you all :)
If want to see all my instagrams, follow me on instagram or twitter =P

When we reached Washington, we found a 7-eleven within walking distance to our hotel.
And we bought this! It's super cheap! Like $5 only?!?
And I haven't seen this flavour in Singapore before.
It's a frozen yogurt ice cream?! The yogurt taste not strong though.
Felt like normal ice cream. But the chpcolate was just nice. Yummy! :)

The second day we went to The U.S. Capitol!
And also visited afew other museums and stuff.
Amelia didn't feel well that day though. 
So she went back to the hotel in the afternoon.

Then it was flight to Orlando on Southwest Airlines.
Their planes are really small! And it's free seating.
You can't choose when to board. You will be given a group and number.
We got group C - the last group.
When we board the plane it was almost full and we couldn't sit together.

First up in Orlando was Universal's Islands of Adventure
This photo was taken in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
Bought sister a Dumbledore's wand there lols.
She wanted to buy it when she was there last year.
But it was out of stock and she bought Voldemort's instead.

While going around we saw this Mystic Fountain.
It actually talks! lols! It was talking to the kids there and spraying water at them.
It's a really funny fountain!

Next day in Orlando was Universal Studios Florida.
And we actually watched Barney live there!
Childhood memories~

Was very tired that day. Very thankful that Amelia and Joy bought food back for me!
Subway Salad! $5 only and it was a huge serving! I ate it for two nights lols.

Next day was Busch Gardens!
Crazy roller coaster rides :)
I actually took 6 roller coaster rides in a row!
Not really consecutively cause I had to walk from one ride to another.
But I find it a great accomplishment already! Cause I used to be scared of roller coasters!
Now I love it! lols. I think I became more brave overseas hahas!

It started raining and all the rides were closed! :(
So I decided to have an hair braid instead :)
This lady who made the hair braid for me was really nice.
She say normally they don't do custom made ones.
But since she wasn't that busy she was willing to do one on the spot for me! :)

Here's how the braid looks like!

After 3 consecutive days of crazy rides in the parks, it was shopping time!
Look at the amount of things I bought in coach!
I hit the maximum lols. One person can only buy 10 signature coach items.
And I'm not so crazy okays. not all are mine. Only one wristlet is mine lols.
The rest are for my family :)

A watch for sis. Pretty? :)

Then the next day we moved into Disneyworld All Stars Music Resort! :)

First day in Disney was Animal Kingdom! :)

Second day in Disney was Magic Kingdom.
We only took rides that day and didn't go around taking photos.
Cause we planned two days for Magic Kingdom.
And luckily we did! You will know why when I blog about it ;)

Cinderella's Castle! :)
Sis say that they are actually building a Beauty and the Beast castle too!
But I don't think it was ready yet :(
Couldn't find it around.

The Castle at night!

Day three in Disney was Epcot!
Tried drinks for around the world!

Amelia and Joy were tired so they went back to rest first.
And I went to take photos with Mickey and friends in Epcot! :)

Then I had dinner in Via Napoli.
Their Calamari was really nice!
Thanks to sis for the recommendation :)

Day four in Disney was Hollywood Studios!
This is for sis! She worked there last year :)

And I attended drawing class there :)
Is my drawing good? ;)

Then we had dinner at 50's Prime Cafe.
I only had a drink there lol. All I wanted was that glowing ice cube =P
Sis only brought back two last time!

Fifth day for parks in Disney was Magic Kingdom again!
And we went to T-REX for lunch as recommended by sis :)
The ambience was cool! Like eating with dinosaurs and fishes =P

And that's most of the instagrams I took up till now.
Gonna board my plane in an hours time. Then we have to settle down in LA and...
It's time for school! Will still have weekends to play and shop though ;)

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