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Kai Ru's Like a Sir 21st

Thursday 7 June 2012

Okays I managed to find a lil time tonight!
Shall be blogging something :)

It's about...

my friend's 21st birthday party!
the first in my JC clique to hit 21 :)
*though our birthdays are just 3 days apart*

P.S not all photos below were taken by me!
Those without watermarks were taken from my friend's album ;)

Food we had that day! AND... *look at the last two photo* ...
they were made by kai ru herself!!

Photo with my once upon a time roomie ;)

Other friends from my JC clique :)

A group photo! So hard to catch the birthday girl to take a photo.
And we tried to match the theme (Like a Sir) okay!
Just that it turned our a lil more like sirs who turned mafias lols.
Cause shiyun and I matched blazers with shorts =P

View from the unit.
Btw the party held at aranda country club.

Individual shots with the birthday girl :)

Our dear vicky and her pro self shot skills =P

The birthday cake! Cute right? 
Like a Sir!

The happy birthday girl.

Another group shot!

Vicky and her "son" she's been trying to kidnap hahas.
And shiyun commented that they actually look a lil alike!
Real mother and son? ;)

Polaroid! :)

And that was very much what we did during the party.
Of course we htht-ed too as me havent gathered like this for quite awhile already. 
BUT of course it's stuffs that I can't type here =P

So I shall end this post with...

A photo of the birthday girl with her birthday present!
Pretty pretty girl with a pretty pretty bag! :)

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