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Last Day In New York!

Sunday 10 June 2012

OMG! I really can't find time to blog while travelling.
Am really sleep deprived now. Haven't been sleeping much lately.
Always waking up early and sleeping late.
BUT I'm enjoying myself!!

Okays with exception of something scary that happened today.
We thought we lost our common fund pouch (inside has money we use when sharing meals)!
When we wanted to pay for dinner, Joy said the pouch wasn't with her and asked up to check our bags.
I totally freaked out cause I was the last to use the pouch!
Remember passing the pouch back to her after making the payment.
But she insisted that I didn't pass back to her and said maybe I left it at the macaroon place!
I totally panicked! Zzz. End up it was in her bag! Bleah! Luckily.

Now back to the main topic.
In another few hours I'll be leaving New York for Washington DC.
Think I spent 600USD in a week already omg!!

And same as the previous post, this will be an instagram update!
You can follow me @tanhuiping on both instagram and twitter to know exactly what i'm doing!
Hahas cause now I have unlimited data plan! Can keep using it =P
And one huge problem. I can't remember the order of the instagram! lols!
Will just roughly put what I remember k.

The view from the empire state building :)

Food from shake shack!

At the pier waiting for our cruise ride :)

At central park! And I saw this cute lil kid who kept saying hi to me lols!

Lunch at Carnegie! Rmb their servings are very large!
Must share one!

At St.Patrick's Cathedral. Pretty pretty place!

Tea break at  La Maison Du Chocolat! Yummy Macaroons!

Built my teddy! :)

Frozen yoghurt from pinkberry! Even better than Frolick cause it's thick (much more yoghurt in it)

Dinner at Grimaldi's Pizzeria! Yummy juicy pizza!

That's all for today. Don't think it's all the instagrams though.
Cause I can't remembered which ones I've shared here and which ones I've not.
Got to go sleep now. It's 2.41am now! 
Need to wake up at 6am to pack my luggage and leave the hotel at 8am!

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