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[Review] June Vanity Trove

Tuesday 12 June 2012

This is a super delayed post! I'm so sorry Camy!
Camy from Vanity Trove is a really nice lady!
She offered me this June vanity trove and cos I was gonna go overseas in a few days,
she brought it to my house personally so I could get it in time!
So i took out all the items and took this shots at night so I can have the photos to blog about!

Vanity Trove.
Beautiful Surprises. 
For only S$25.00 each month, subscribe to their service to receive a surprise filled with beauty treats made for a different beauty story each month, delivered right to your doorstep. And you can even send it as a gift to your mum, sisters or girlfriend! :)

1st-14th: The next month's vanity trove is up for subscriptions!
eg. it's June now, so the vanity trove that you are subscribing now would be July's!
Sometimes you could still email them to ask for that month's box (ie June for now)
14th: Subscription closes
So remember to subscribe before that date!
15th-20th: VTeam prepares your very own VanityTrove!
They will look at your beauty quiz and see what best fits you :)
21st-25th: Expect your beautiful surprise!
My favourite part :) Just wait for it to reach your doorstep!
24th-28th: Our beautiful surprises go overseas to more subscribers around the world.
I'm overseas now! Which means I can order one too :)
25th-31st: Share your beautiful surprise with us!
You can post it on vanity trove's facebook and share with everyone else!

Opened my vanity trove!

Here's what's in my box! :)

I was in a rush - packing my luggage and stuffs that day (cause it's just one day before my flight) so I couldn't blog about it immediately and also didn't managed to try out all the products :(
Only tried 3 of them - enavose sun mist, ettusais bb mineral cream and yadah lip crayon.

1. Enavose Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist 45SPF
worth $39.90
tried it out and it's liquid sunscreen! just need to spray it on your face and spread it around.
best thing is it's rather light weight and not that sticky!
More details here.

2. Ettusais BB Mineral Cream
worth $38
applied it on the side of my hand. it's very smooth and easy to apply.
it's supposed to help with oil control, has SPF 30PA++ and it comes with moisturizing ingredients too!
More details here.

3. YADAH Lip Crayon
worth $9.90
available in 5 shades: lovely pink, fresh orange, rose pink, cherry red, pink tint
it's smooth to apply! the lip colour contains tocopherol that helps to keep lips healthy and moisturized.
More details here.

So as you can see, vanity troves are super worth it right? The items above worth more than the cost of the box! The first item itself already costs more than the original item. And you get to try so many new stuffs! And now... for the rest of the items that I didn't manage to try out/didn't take photos of me trying them out.

4. KAO Essential Shampoo
worth $4.50 for 200ml, $9.50 for 500ml
I didn't take photos of me trying this product.
But I brought it to USA! Tried it afew days ago and it smells nice! The pink one has a berry smell!
More details here(nuance airy) and here(rich premier)

5. Egyptian Magic Cream
worth $41.50 for the full product
Haven't tried it but read many many good reviews about it!
It's really like a magic cream you can apply it anywhere on your skin!
Seems like a really good moisturizer! Sadly I left it in SG. Will use it when I'm back!
More details here.

6. Skin Inc My Daily Dose "Skin Loves It!" Jelly
worth $58 for a pack of 14 sachets
It looks nice! But I haven't had a chance to try it :(
It's said to help brighten up, plumps up with moisture and help your skin look more youthful!
More details here.

7. The Body Shop Moisture White™ Shiso Whitening Serum
worth $50.90 for full product
A lightweight serum that blends and protects the skin without a sticky after-feel.
More details here.

8. Erabelle Skin Treatment Mask 
worth $26.25
Okays in Jap Mizu means water (I really know this cause I used to use mizu as my nickname for games. Mizusuki = Water Love. Okays I side tracked). So I'm guessing that this is a moisturizing mask?
It is said that it helps to boost the skin's cell repair and moisture retention ability while promoting skin fairness by inhibiting the formation of melanin! Want fair skins like the Japanese? Maybe you should try this! Btw there is also a Mizu-Rejuvenating one available!
More details here.

9. SKIN INC Pure Repair+Whitening Eye Mask
Read reviews which said that it's a very refreshing eye mask!
More details here.

Like the items in my June vanity trove?
You can still get your June vanity trove boxes here!
Or do you want to get a July vanity trove?
Get yourself a subcription here!

Also, you can take a look at their unveiled items (past boxes items) here!
So what are you waiting for? Hurry and get your Vanity Troves now!
Do like their facebook page for more details and updates too :)

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