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New York Day 5

Saturday 27 October 2012

Central Park
Toured the Central Park myself. Cause Amelia and Joy wanted to cycle.
You can rent a two hours bike for free with the New York Pass.
I can cycle - just a little. Need those I can touch the ground and feel safe type.
And I didn't want to risk getting injured overseas :(

No address for you cause Central Park is the whole middle portion of NYC Manhattan!
We entered from this particular side cause it was the entrance nearest to the place Joy and Amelia rented their bicycles :)

But the good thing is I can tour the main park!
Note: There's no cycling allowed inside the park.
So if you have only 2 choices:
1. cycle on the outer of the park (bicycle roads)
2. walk around inside the park itself
Amelia and Joy cycled around the park cause they didn't know and got scolded when they rang the bell at someone who was in the way =X

And I found a castle in the park! :)
I LOVE CASTLES! Always wanted to visit one ;)
Yes yes I'm the type of person who believes in fairytale come true and happy endings.

Continued walking deeper into the park.
They have lawns for baseball games too!
And that day the park was actually quite quiet.
Most of the places I walked to didn't have many people.
Except the lawns and castle.

At this point I covered two thirds of the park on foot already!
Maybe not fully two thirds cause I didn't walk to all the narrowroads/split roads.

Then I got lost and my google map guided me to this bicycle/running route.
And I thought walking throughout will lead me out of the park but it did not.
And my phone was dying (after hours of google maping around the park).
Panic much.

Thank god I slowly figured my way out!
And saw horse carriages along the way, a theme park and a zoo :)

And oh do I look like I live in America for very long?
Someone asked me for directions while I was lost!
Maybe I look like I stay there? Cause I wasn't holding any maps.
And walked as if I knew the directions.
But of course if I really stay in America, I will want my whole family there with me!

American Museum of Natural History
Many should be familiar with this place since A Night At The Museum was filmed here!
Even I didn't watch also know =P
Free tickets again thanks to New York Pass!

American Museum of Natural History
200 Central Park West  New York, NY 10024

Different exhibits around.
And they are fake but look so real!

More photos around the museum.

And we got tired! hahahas!
I walked the whole morning so leg aching.
Amelia and Joy cycled the whole morning and were tired too.
We found seats in the Ancient Andean Civilization area so just sat there lols.
And we never did want to move. I think we sat for 15minutes?
They had this tune playing in the background and we all got ear-bugged.
And there we realised that museums are so not for us. We were bored by the place.

So we decided to go to the Dino exhibit straight and skip the rest.

Tip: If you have the New York Pass and is not a museum person like us, since it's free entrance just pick specific exhibits you want to visit then leave the place. No point getting bored there.
The sea animal exhibit.
Thought this place was cool so came in, take photo and left hahas!

Financier Patisserie
Teabreak time! Just walked into a random Patisserie hahas.
Mushroom Bisque + 1/2 Le L'Itali Sandwich Combo
Eclair Chocolate
total cost USD13.01
Tips not needed cause it's self service :)

Financier Patisserie
3-4 World Financial Center New York, NY 10281

Bodies Exhibition
No photos allowed inside.
So this was the only photo I took.
I know they came to SG before.
But I didn't go then.
Anyways New York Pass got free entrance again hahas!

The Bodies Exhibition
11 Fulton Street  New York, NY 10038

There is this mind game table inside that is super cool.
Whoever relaxes the most wins!
The first time I played I lost to Amelia cause I started laughing.
The second time I played I won Joy cause I stared into blank space.

Tip: Just stare into blank space for that game and don't think about anything lols!

Abercrombie time!
Only Amelia went to look around while Joy and I sit down and take photos.
Abercrombie can wait. Else my luggage will exceed weight.
I went to NYC with a full 22kg bag!

Stand in the middle of the road and take photo with the under construction twin tower?
No worries cause there was some construction going on half the road (the side we were standing on).
While taking photos we could see cars on our right passing by. lols.

Shopping time at Payless ShoeSource.
Their prices are really reasonable and they have a lot of designs there!
Bought the blue sandals which I love alot.
But didn't bring it back to SG cause...
1. Luggage full
2. It was torn at the front. I kept tripping over it.

Back to Times Square.
My first time seeing police patrol on horse!

Hungry peeps need to eat. Time to have a good dinner!
Cajun Shrimp Pasta
Balsamic Chicken Ceasar
total USD44.94 exclude tips

T.G.I.Friday - Broadway/near Times Square
1552 Broadway (between 46th St & 47th St)  New York, NY 10036

The three of us usually order two meals to share cause we are not people with big appetites and USA proportions can be quite big.

Here's how Times Square looks like at night.
Super brightly lited place!

Magnolia Bakery
Amelia said this bakery is famous in the states.
We were on our way to Top Of The Rock and saw this bakery!
So we bought and tried. It's really soft and yummy.
Love the chocolate one! (I'm biased towards chocolate)

Magnolia Bakery - Beside Top of the Rock entrance
1240 6th Avenue New York, NY 10020

Top of the Rock
The 67 stories high building!
Another free ticket from New York Pass!
Their lift super cool one. There is lights on the way up (like a mini show).

Top of the Rock
60 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, New York, 10020

Tip: Both Top of the Rock and Empire State Building allows you to see the whole NYC cityline.
So you can go to one in the morning and the other at night to see different views!

The night view.
Do note that it's hard to take photos at night.
You won't see yourself in the photo (look at the top left photo).
I tried.

More photos of the NYC skyline!

And we are on our way back to the hotel after a long day!
Took this newer version of subway and they had such a board that shows you which stop you are at and what are the next few stops. So you won't be worried that you will miss your stop!
(old subways didn't have such a board)

That's Day 5!
It's the day I took the most photos!
600+ in a day =P

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