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Talika Bloggers Event

Sunday 28 October 2012

Talika's counter at BHG Bugis!
It's right at the entrance of BHG (the fountain side).

They sell lots of products there.
Their products are also available in Sephora :)

Yummy cupcake we received at the event!
Strawberry Choco :)

The star of the day!
Lipocils & Black
This is the product they are famous for!
One side (the Lipocils) helps your eyelash grew longer,
and the other is a black mascara.
Will be doing a review soon! Currently using it every day and night.
So far there has been progress! Comparing my Day1 and Day5 photos, my lashes did grow longer!
(still wondering how to measure the growth though)
Btw, it costs $69 :) So if you are interested you can buy it too!

All the bloggers at the event :)
Got these photos thanks to Xinyi :)

Another of their product - Lipocils expert.
The different is Lipocils can lengthen your eyelashes up to 4mm,
while lipocils only lengthens your eyelashes up to 2.2mm.

The wheel of fortune at the event.
It so happened that on the day of the bloggers event, they were having a public event too :)

Photo with Jocelyn, whom I invited as my +1 :)

One of the Talika product which got engraved!
Yes! They got an engraving pro there at the event to engrave the Talika products you purchase there :)

My Lipocils & Black being engraved :)

Ta-dah! Pretty?
Jocelyn and I were the last two to get ours engraved and we asked for a lil heart shape :)
The rest only had their name engraved on it ;)

Jocelyn and mine! :)

That's all for the event!
First event I received a personalized product! So cool! Yay!

Ending this post with this photo I took with Jocelyn :)
Posted it on instagram on the day itself.
Remember to follow me @tanhuiping! :)

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