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Finding Your Way Around The Capital City!

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Washington DC also known as The Capital City :)
Here are the tips to saving money while travelling in Washington DC!


1. It's always so expensive to travel in cabs!
Want to use your money to shop instead of spending it on transport?
Take the Metro!

We bought the one-day unlimited pass there.
I think usually it's more worth it to get unlimited ride passes
(especially when you are a tourist) cause:
1. You don't have to worry that you alight at the wrong station. 
Can just re-enter without having to pay more.
2. You can save up (take more rides at a cheaper price).
As a tourist, naturally you will want to see more of the place right? 
So usually tourist will take transportations quite a bit. 
It's not like you will stay at one place for a day!

image from wmata.com
The one-day unlimited metrorails pass was only $9 when we were there now its $14!
It was very worth it for us then cause even if we only took 3 rides that day it's still cheaper.
Now that it's $14. I wonder if it's still worth it.
But you can always do your own calculations there.
So it's very important to plan the day before (to know the route to take)!

1. Plan the places you want to visit.
2. Arrange the order you plan to arrange the attractions in.
3. Look for the nearest train stations for each attraction.
4. Use the trip planner to find out all the cost.
Then you can decide if it's worth it to get the unlimited rides passes :)

2. I'm lost! Where should I start?!
If you are planning on touring the whole Smithsonian Area (like what we did),
you can try starting from Smithsonian National Postal Museum
There where you can get yourself a trusty map! ;)

image from smithsonian site
That's the map you can get there. You can get one at the information counter.
Alternatively, you can save this in your phone.
But I always thought it's easier to read it on paper.

Anyways, since the postal museum is right at the corner, you can start there and go one big round!
We went the whole outer perimeter and skipped the middle areas.
You can plan based on what interest you more.
But for us we just wanted to see as much as possible ;)

3. What is the fastest way to get from A to B?
If you are visiting the whole Smithsonian area, I would suggest you WALK.
The metro stations and bus stops are really far from these places.
So if you take a metro/bus you will still have to walk to and fro!
Also by walking, you will get to see more :)


I think Washington is the place we "saved" the most.
We didn't really spent much there other than:
1. paying for the hotel,
2. buying the train ticket,
3. buying souveniers and
4. buying food

We didn't pass by any place where we could really shop at!
On top of that, all the museums in Smithsonian are free to visit :)

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