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[Review] November Vanity Trove

Monday 12 November 2012

Vanity Trove's November theme is
Dream Girl

1. Neogence Pore Solutions Range
Yes I know. No pores on my hand. Just showing you all how the serum looks like.
It has a really light citrus scent too.
SaSa was really generous and included a $5 voucher in the box :)
Gonna do a review on this range pore solutions range soon!
Camy was very nice and even gave me tips on how she used this product.
Felt her idea was good! Gonna share it with you all in the review.

2. Adore Active Days and Dreamy Nights
Who knows if there is another brand of pad which might be more comfy than your current ones?

3. Skin Inc Happy Hang Dew
Love this product!
1. It's a full size product
2. It's not sticky at all!

4. Laline Body Cream
Yay! Another full sized product!
This item is non-sticky too and smells nice :)
But it's rather thick. So I haven't really used it yet.
Another thing that I hate is having thick coats of stuff on my skin :(
Which is also why I had a hard time trying to force myself to apply sunblock
and moisturizer daily while I was in the states :(

5. ZA Amino Refreshing Gel
My skin looks hydrated after applying it right? :)
Instant Hydration! Yay!

6. Ujene Puriste Collagen Eye Gel
It feels more like a cream than a gel though.
But same thing it's non-sticky!
Really love this trove cause everything inside (exclude the pads) are non-sticky!
Love products which are non-sticky. Can never stand it when products are sticky to the skin.
I bet most of you ladies out there feel the same too right?

Once again, thanks to Camy for this lovely trove!
Now time for all you ladies to become a Dream Girl too :)
Get your hands on the Dream Girl edition trove here.

And don't forget December's Vanity Trove is available for subscriptions here!
The theme is Victoria's Secret :) Subscription in two days time. So hurry!
Those who love surprises remember to subscribe now before the pre-order closes.
And the best thing is it's cheaper to subscribe first cause it's only $25.
Once the trove is unveiled, you can still purchase it BUT it will be at a cost of $30.
So ladies remember that okay ;)


Want to win yourself extra treats or vanity trove credits?
Don't underestimate how useful those credits can be :)
They can be used to exchange for your future troves!

Here's what you do:
1. Test out the amazing mix of products in your trove.
2. Snap a picture of yourself with the product on. (Be Creative!)
3. Tag @VanityTrove or #VanityTrove on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram & stand to win extra treats or credits!

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