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New York Day 7

Saturday 10 November 2012

Back at Times Square!
This time it's cause we are on our way to The Lion King's broadway theatre!

The Lion King Broadway
Bought our tickets at half price!

The Lion King Broadway
200 East 45th Street  New York, NY 10017

Tip: Buy the ticket from the counter on the day itself. Just go a about 4 hours earlier.
They will have tickets on sales BUT you might not be able to sit with your friends.
We got our tickets at half price!
But only Amelia and I got to sit together. Joy sat another place many many rows down.

After buying the tickets we went to the Toshiba Center with Joy to get her lappy fixed.
Her laptop suddenly couldn't connect to the internet.
I tried to help her see but her local network was missing!
So no choice had to go to the center. It took up quite abit of time for our Day 7.
Spent around an hour plus there and had to leave the lappy there in the end
cause it will not get done in time.
We stayed there for too long and had to rush back for the Broadway.
Wanted to catch a cab but there weren't any! #just-when-we-needed-one
We ran! Yes along the streets in NYC! hahahas! What an experience right?

Luckily we made it back in time!

Note: Do not be late for broadways else you might only be allowed in during intermission!

Build-a-Bear Workshop
Bought my teddy!
Named her Princess.
Cause P for Ping and also I knew I will be visiting many castles in the States!
Randomly go park also can see castle. It's fated =P

Build-a-Bear Workshop
565 5th Avenue  New York, NY 10017

Thanks to Joy for all these photos! :)
I spent around an hour here too! =X Took up quite abit of their time.
Initially I didn't know. But when I found out I felt bad about it :(

Continued roaming around cause we didn't want to go too far from the Toshiba service place.
Else we have to travel back again.

La Maison Du Chocolat
Had macaroons! And no photos of the macaroons self allowed.
Took one and got told. But the macaroons were not bad.
As usual, love the chocolate ones!

La Maison Du Chocolat
30 Rockefeller Center  New York, NY 10020

Then we went back to the Toshiba Center to collect Joy's lappy but it still wasn't ready.
So we stayed there for another hour plus hoping it will be ready.
End up it wasn't done formatting yet. But they were closing and we can't leave it there cause we have a train to catch the next day. So they didn't charge Joy any money and told her to try to continue reformatting when back in the hotel (it worked in the end). So Amelia and I kid with Joy that since she saved $75 she shoud treat us. We were kidding about treating a meal and stuff. When Amelia recommended Pinkberry then she say she will treat us that. And she really did!

Super yummy yogurt ice-cream! Better than SG Frolick one!
There are outlets in different states. Even at Dubai airport.
Had it a couple of times in the states!
So if you are there, give it a try!

170 8th Avenue, New York, NY

Grimaldi's Pizzeria
Amelia searched for places to eat and found this place so we searched our way there.

Grimaldi's Pizzeria
1 Front Street  New York, NY 11201

Large (8-slices) $14
(Mozzarella, Crushed Tomato, Basil)
We added Olives, Mushroom, Ham, Pepperoni (if I remembered correctly)
plus add-ons price ranges
Total about USD22 before tax and tips.

The pizza was great! They are coal brick oven cooked and super juicy!
Not bad a place to have dinner.

Note: They always have super long queues!

And the Brooklyn Bridge is near.
Actually the pizzeria was right under the Brooklyn Bridge.
So we walked further up and had some photos taken.

End of Day 7 - the last roaming day in NYC for this trip.

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