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Burberry Beauty Bloggers Counter Party

Wednesday 26 December 2012

Burberry Beauty Bloggers Counter Party!

The event started with a live demo by Larry Yeo!

Here is the final look!

Continue reading for some beauty/makeup tips just incase you missed them in the video :)
And of course, continue reading to know what were the stars for that day!

1. Prime the skin
Tip: Do not too much moisturizer

2. Foundation
Tip: Have two different tones for foundation and blend them out on your skin.

Burberry foundation has lots of shades! I'm sure you will be able to find one that suits you. Use your skin tone shade for the rest of your face and the lighter shade for highlight parts (under eye, temple, T-zone, nose bridge).

It is better to use two different shades of liquid foundations to contour and blend,
rather than using powder to shade as powder tends to be more cakey.

Also, note that Burberry Sheer Fluid Foundation contains vitamin E which fights ageing!
Of course it contains UV Filters as well. But the vitamin E is something that not all foundations have.

3. Concealor
Burberry Sheer Concealor was used in the video.
I think it's a really convenient concealor cause it is in a lip gloss stick!

4. Powder 
This is so you will have a more matte finish

5. Eye primer
Tip: Apply on the bone structure of your eye then blend upwards and downwards towards your lash line, to avoid the lashes

6. Eyeshadow
Using one colour to create a simple smokey eye look.
I think for this, watching the full video will be more useful ;)

Here's the final look (with blusher and lipstick) of the model with Larry.

Now for the stars of the day!
Burberry Beauty Vintage Gold 
Festive 2012 Collection
This is the tassel keychain lipgloss! Think it's really cute.
You can use it as a bag charm and have a handy lip gloss with you all the time.

A golden colour lip gloss! I think it's a really unique colour.
But sadly it has already been sold out :(

Eyeshadow palettes! Realize they come in four matching shades in each palette?
It's perfect for creating smokey eye looks perfect for parties! The one on top was used in the video.

That was very much what happened during the event.
But since we were at TANGS, we took some photos with the Christmas decos!
So whatever you see below has nothing to do with the event already.

A photo with Yingjie, brought her along as my plus one :)

A photo with the goodie bag we got during the event! Will review some stuffs soon!
And my hair looks dip dyed right? It's just the black roots grew so long that it look dip dyed :(
Haven't dyed my hair for ages :( A year at least?

And we visited the Christmas tree outside ION!

The one which you could walk inside :)

Took a photo inside and left hahas. It's too dizzy staying inside!

That is all for this post! Hope you all had a great Christmas party yesterday!

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