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[Haul] USA Forever 21, Toys R Us and IPSY + Review

Friday 28 December 2012

Okays. I've never had proper haul posts. From now onwards all haul posts will be labelled [Haul] :)
Yay! My stuffs from USA are here! 10 packages in all! Contains stuffs from Forever 21, Toys "R" Us, Sephora and IPSY! Will be sharing what I bought from Forever 21, Toys R Us and IPSY in this post :)

Actually it's supposed to be a month plus worth of hauls. I'm not such a crazy shopper.
It's just that I receive it all together in a day. So let's call it Hauls of the day.

Yes I ship stuffs from USA rather frequently cause it's like everything is cheaper even after shipping!
Singapore prices are too ridiculous =P These are all my personal stuffs though. If you want to order anything from the states, you can check out All Things Spree. They do shippings from USA! I think it will definitely to ship it through sprees unless you are a mad shopper like me who ship till I hit the limit for non-tax. And because I hit the limit and I refuse to pay the high tax that Singapore charge for overseas shipments above 300/400SGD, I had to leave 4 packages behind :( As you all are reading this post, they are currently being shipped over! Not that I'm that crazily shopping till I have to ship stuffs over weekly (it has only been a week since my last shipment). But it's because my macbook battery died and needed one urgently. It can no longer work without a power supply. I've completely used up all 1000+ battery cycles. Yes yes even battery I'm shipping from USA hahas. There's a reason for shipping overseas okay. Now back to the haul post. Here's what I bought!

Forever 21 Haul - 2 dresses, 1 skirt, 2 tank tops, 3 necklaces.

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

There is still a Bejeweled Layered Necklace and V-Neck Tank which I did not take photos of.


Toys "R" Us Haul - 4 games, 2 controllers, 1 pack of guitar picks.

Bought two controllers that comes with games cause I only have 2 controllers at home.
I know it's the same game but I don't care. This item was on offer.
Original price was US$50+ and when I bought it, it was only US$29.90.
In addition there was a buy one get one 30% offer going on then!

For the games, I bought...
(A little review on the games)

Raving Rabbids 2
Played it a couple of times but I still cannot differentiate between Raving Rabbids 1 and 2.
So I just anyhow buy one of it hahas. It's a really idiotic and funny game.
A game that will let you laugh like crazy and have aching arms the next day.

Band Hero
I love the songs! There's like Taylor Swift's Love Story, Pictures to Burn and You Belong With Me.
There is also Hilary Duff's So Yesterday (super old school song that I like)!
But when my sis and I tried this game, we only had the guitar at home. 
The mic has not been shipped over yet. So I sang (without mic) while bin played the guitar.
Can't wait for my mic to reach!

Just Dance 3
Sis and I tried this game together. 
Ling and I kept crashing into each other cause there was not enough space! It's not bad a game though.
Made me sweat even though the fan was on and it was a rainy + cooling day.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
No winter in Singapore so we play winter games on wii? =P

Random Disney Princess guitar picks which I bought. Needed $50 for free shipping.
So I randomly top up stuffs to make it $50. Btw, these picks are huge!
Guess I won't be able to use them. Just keeping them cause I love Disney Princesses! ♥


Btw, I never trust those shipping companies prices, I trust myself more. I've shipped so many many times with them till I know how inaccurately they charge. Actually it is not how inaccurately they charge. Is what weird ways US companies like to pack their stuffs for shipments. It's like the weight is actually very light one, like 1kg but the box is very big with volumetric weight of 4.3kg and you will get charged 4.5kg! I really got charged such ridiculous prices before!
One example is this recent shipment. Toys "R" Us has this weird way of packing their stuffs. Two items per box when there is so much extra space? I could put all my Toys "R" Us stuffs into the same box but they had to package it separately! Made me waste extra money for shipping the other few boxes cause they always round up the weight! But it was still cheaper than buying in Singapore LOL! So oh wells! =P

I've already shopped with so many different USA companies till I know how they ship their stuffs already and how big their boxes are. Sephora, Amazon, Gap, Forever21, Apple, Toys R Us, Old Navy :) So actually the above was expected (except for the part about them shipping the items individually). I usually do my calculations to know the rough shipping price and see if it's still worth it buying from USA ;) So far everything that I buy are still worth it hahas except YSL. Even SK-II is cheaper there! Those who are interested to buy stuffs from USA can approach they will tell you the rough prices All Things Spree for shipping :) It's run by a friend of mine.


Here's what I receive in my November and December IPSY glam bags!
Will have a separate post for the review ;)

That's all for this post! Will have the Sephora Haul blogpost soon!
After that I will be picking and reviewing certain stuffs I got from IPSY and Sephora :)

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