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Florida Day 1

Sunday 9 December 2012

We basically slacked the whole day!
Joy and I were dead beat from the long walk the day before.
Amelia was still having a lil gastric.
So we decided to wake up later and go to the airport straight.
Then we just slacked at the airport waiting lounge.
(I took the above photos while Joy was looking at the photos in her camera and amelia was sleeping)

Tue Jun 12
Flight 3497
Arrive in ORLANDO INTL (MCO) at 8:15 PM
Travel Time 2 hrs 10 mins
Price USD155.80

Buy your tickets early!
Yes I paid a higher price for this again :(

For southwest, their flights are free seating.
BUT they allow people to enter in groups (stated on the air ticket).
Ours was group C (the last group) so when we board, most of the seats were filled already.
The three of us had to sit separately.
And up till now, I still have no idea how to get a group A ticket.
So sorry I have no idea how to give you all tips on this too :(

It's true that Southwest has a good free 2 baggage policy.
But it's alot more squeezy compared to other airlines.
Not in terms of wideness but in terms of length - there is very little leg space.
Thank god it was only a short 2hours flight =P

As usual we cabbed here - our first hotel in Orlando!
(we stayed in this then moved to Disney World)
Another nice and clean hotel!
This hotel had something more - a microwave oven and a fridge!

Hampton Inn Orlando - South of Universals Studios
7110 S Kirkman Rd, Orlando, FL 32819
5 nights - SGD544.60 for 3 people

I had purposely chose this hotel cause:
1. it's near universals studios,
2. they have free shuttle services and
3. it's cheap

Since it was already about 11pm by the time we settled down,
we washed up and went to bed asap to prep for our next day!
Find out what's so exciting in the next post ;)
P.S I titled this post as Florida instead of Orlando because one of the days I actually went to Tampa ;)

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