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[Review] LoveMore My Melody Oil Free 3D Fitting Mask

Monday 10 December 2012

A cute mask to share with all of you today!

Cute My Melody masks!!!
Hello Kitty and My Melody used to be my favorite when I was young, till Little Twin Stars came lols. Nonetheless I still like My Melody so I love this mask packaging alot! :)

Think this is one of the key points of the mask?
It is a 3D Mask!

Cute instructions!
But if you look at the last cartoon, english word says 15-20mins while chinese words say 10-15mins.
I just used it for 15minutes to be safe :) You will not want your mask drying on your skin!

Look at how much product there is inside!
Use them for my legs and arms ;)

Very thick cotton mask. So it can be opened easily even without plastic thin foils between.

I tried the blue one first.
It fits onto my face rather nicely, except for the chin - my chin not sharp enough :(
But it does cover the lower chin-neck area.
The left eye side wasn't placed properly. Think I pulled the mask too far back on the left.
And I suppose those two flaps are for the eye area?

:: Cute packaging
:: Not sticky at all
:: Skin feels hydrated and smoother after using it for 15mins
:: The mask does not dry up even after using for 15mins. 

:: There isn't any full list of ingredients


Want to buy one for yourself or get it as a gift?
You can buy it from secretive.sg and Watsons at $2.90 per piece!

Also do like their facebook pages ;)
Sometimes they do have little giveaways! ;)

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