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[Review] But, Becky Age-Lock & Moisturizing Wild Yam Mask

Friday 25 January 2013

A new brand of mask to share with you all today! :)

Their ambassador is Aaron Yan!

There are 8 pieces per box :)
Like the other masks I reviewed before, this mask has the ear hooks as well.
What's new is that it is a diamond-pattern mask!
Can't really tell from the mask though, but it is said to have a double lifting effect ;)

Pretty packaging :)

Ingredients :)
Btw, the masks have a shelf life of 3 years!

Soaked in goodies for your skin.

Side view to show you the ear hooks.
Note that the neck area gets covered too :)

:: Doesn't dry up even after using for 15mins.
:: Covers the neck as well
:: Has ear hooks so it will not fall off that easily
:: Has clear instructions on how to use
:: Very soft mask

:: It has a strong smell and smells like ginseng

I really cannot stand the wild yam smell.
It smells alot like ginseng. My grandma loves it though.
So I gave most to her and a couple to my mum.
Will only recommend this mask to those who loves ginseng!

There are others as well!
I believe the three others might smell nicer?


Want to buy one for yourself and try it out?
You can buy it from secretive.sg or Watsons!

Also do like their facebook pages ;)
Sometimes they do have little giveaways! ;)

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