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February Vanity Trove Unveiled!

Thursday 24 January 2013

Received my February Vanity Trove two days ago!
Waking up early every morning is really taking a toll on me.
Though it is not that that busy at work,
I just feel very very tired due to waking up early every morning.

Haven't really been able to blog properly.
All my posts were scheduled (expected such a thing happening).
At least I'm making an effort to keep this blog alive!
Now I'm trying to make myself write one blogpost per day :)

Here is what was in my February Vanity Trove!

In addition, I have something good for you all! ♥
Here is a sneak of what is going to be in March's Vanity Trove :)
Plus a little freebie for you all below ;)
Use the code "KatelynTan" when subscribing to / with your current your Vanity Trove subscription to get an extra Beauty Diary 2-step ampoule mask!

That's all for this post :)
Remember to claim your extra ampoule mask!

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