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[Tutorial] Rainbow Eyes

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Basically, you need:
1. Rainbow color eyeshadows
(best about 3-5 colors)
2. Eyeshadow Brush
3. Eyeliner Brush
4. Fluffy Brush
5. Black Eyeliner

What I used:
S.a.l.t.y. Cosmetics Glama-ZOID (pink)
Urban Decay Haight (blue)
Stila Jade (green)
Stila Dahlia (purple)
Chanel Eyeliner Travel Brush
Urban Decay Naked2 Fluffy Brush
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil Zero


Step One
First prime your eyes.
This is important for those with oily eyelids.
(If you want your eyeshadows to last)

Step Two
Apply a white color base on your eyes.
This is so your the eyeshadows you apply on will look more vibrant.

Steps Three to Five
All you have to do is to keep repeating these three steps for each eyeshadow color ;)
Blend the two colors together so you do not see a distinct line.
Do not blend till you can no longer tell it is two different colors.

P.S I was lazy to use two different brush
so I used my eyeliner brush for both upper lid and lower lashline.

From pink in the inner corner of your eye to purple on the outer corner of your eye.

Step Six
Line your eyes with an eyeliner.

Tip: If you do not want the look to be too overwhelming, 
just line your top waterline instead (this alone will give you an illusion of thicker lashline)

Step Seven (Optional)
If you feel that the eyeshadow got too high up 
and you do not want it to be that obvious when you open your eyes,
here is a little tip.

Tip: You can use a makeup remover to clean off the top part of your eyeshadow.
I used the Bifesta one cause it is a non-rinse formula and does not irritate my skin when left on.

As shown in the photo above, use a makeup remover to clean the top part and apply your powder/foundation at the area so you skin will not be of two different tone.

Tip: You can do your eye makeup first, then put on foundation for your whole face.
This way you can remove fallouts and also need not worry about color inconsistency.

Step 8
Curl your lashes and apply mascara.
(I skipped this step cause I was gonna wear my glasses)

Then you are done! :)

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