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Florida Day 10

Tuesday 15 January 2013

Photo with the Disney logo at the bus stop of our resort :)

Disney's Hollywood Studios

park map from wdwinfo.com

Along the streets :)

We took our fast pass then went to
Mickey Avenue

1. Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream
So... I managed to take the photo with the Tree of Life which I did not take in Animal Kingdom.
Fake one though. Nonetheless at least there is one. I would say the film was rather inspiring?
It was how Disney started!

Then we went back to
Hollywood Boulevard

2. The Great Movie Ride
It's a ride through classic film scenes and Hollywood moments.

Next to 
Animation Courtyard

3. Voyage of The Little Mermaid
It's a live musical :) Love this!
It's the full little mermaid story alive!

Sunset Boulevard
More photos along the streets. Spot the Tower of Terror ;)

Toluca Turkey Legs Co.
I call it the Turkey Company hahas. That is what was stated on the shop front! 
Anyways,Time for lunch. The turkey leg in Disney was awesome!
Better than the one in Universal Studios Florida. It's a must to try Disney's Turkey leg!
It is less salty and yummy :) Thought the one in USF was yummy too but they were a lil too salty.

Photos of and with Hollywood Studios icon!

Disney Junior Live on Stage which I did not watch hahas.

Took a photo of Mickey but did not take a photo with him.
Look at the queue. It was crazily long!

4. Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage
Caught the one at 4pm. Sat at VIP seats. Sadly Joy and Amelia weren't with me :(
Sis told me to look for her friends there and try to get VIP seats and backstage access.
When I saw one of her friends, I told Amelia that I'm going to find someone to get VIP access and told them to wait for me for awhile. But I guess it was too crowded and they didn't hear me :(
So they went into the theatre then whatsapp me where I went to.

Sat on the second row, their VIP seats for the Princess's family.
Thanks to Bin's friends for bringing me to the VIP seats :)
That was the most front row you can get to cause first row is for the disabled.
Belle and Cinderella are my favorite Disney Princesses! :)
Had wanted to go to backstage cause sis said it was really nice there. 
But sadly it was under renovation. I think it's cause they were in the midst of building Beast's castle? 
So they were shifting stuffs around and no meet and greets :( But I loved the live musical ♥
It made me re-watch Beauty and the Beast on my flight back to Singapore ;)

A video I recorded during the show :)

I was so in front that I didn't have to zoom in.
But still it was my lousy phone camera :(
Btw, they really kissed lip to lip!

Went around to take photos cause Joy and Amelia were watching Lights, Motors, Action!

Went back to 
The Magic of Disney Animation

5. Character Greeting Winnie the Pooh
Took photos with Pooh :)

6. The Magic of Disney Animation
Then attended a drawing class! We were taught how to drew Goofy :)

Then to 
Echo Lake

7. Star Tours – The Adventure Continue
A 3D show with motion. Not really a ride or anything but the seats will move.

8. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
Met back with the girls and we took a roller coaster together! :)
I wasn't scared of this ride cause we could see what was gonna happen before taking the ride.
See the last photo? That is the "waiting line". It will stop there, then suddenly zoom off.
P.S the Camera will take a photo right after it zooms!

Took a similar one in Busch Garden (Cheetah Hunt which was faster than this) so I wasn't that scared.
Which led to my happy face photo and Joy and Amelia's screaming photo hahas.
I still have peace/twist sign okay =P
Couldn't take a nice photo of it though cause lights were shinning at it!
Didn't buy it too cause we were rushing off to another ride which we had fast pass for :(

9. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
It was really creepy at the start. Sis said you will get a really nice view at the top.
So I tried snapping a photo. Sadly, this guy infront of my was blocking me.
AND my camera was at the wrong shutter speed. It was like a full white screen with a hand there.
There a photo of me and my almost floating away DSLR cause there was a upward force on everything. You will feel like you are floating off your seat at the highest point!

10. Toy Story Midway Mania!
Another ride with fast pass :) It really saves quite a bit of queuing, about half?
This is another fun game. Shooting game. But made me a lil dizzy though cause it is 3D and I have to focus at the screen to shoot. Moving plus focusing is a big no no for me :(

A photo together :)

Time for some rest!
Caught the Finale for The American Idol Experience.
We were saying how underdressed those people were.
But it can't be helped since they were there for theme park and rides right?
So now you know there is such a thing there.
Those who want to join, remember to bring another set of pretty clothings there!
I think you will become the limelight since others are underdressed =P

Amelia took these photos. 
I passed by from afar but didn't realize it was a wall and didn't walk all the way here.
But the wall looks really cool. It's San Francisco!

Not really a dinner. But we rested at 
50's Prime Time Cafe
The place was full so we sat at the bar :)
I had my glow-y drink! The ice cube lights up in the drink :)
Brought the ice-cube and cup home. We have two others that sis brought back ;)
I mentioned it was not really a dinner cause we weren't that hungry.
I have no idea why but when I'm in theme park, I don't have appetite to eat one.
I think it's cause I just want to play? :)

My cup is glowing and you can't even see me in the photo =P
That's how the streets look at night and there was a on-stage performance going on!

Photos in one of the shops!
Lots of duffy bears and Amelia bought that Ariel coin bank :)

11. Fantasmic
Caught the show at 10.30pm :)

Tip: Best seat to sit between the two mickey signs!
That's where you are right in the middle.
Also, do not sit too in front if you do not want to get wet.
There are some sprinkles during the show due to the water sprinklers.

A night shot and that was all for the day!
Next day is gonna be the second last day in Disney World!
Also, round 2 of Magic Kingdom! ♥

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