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First Day of Internship Attachment!

Monday 14 January 2013

It was not bad :) The people there are friendly! Yay!
I wonder how I did today. I think I was a lil quiet though.
Those who know me should know.
When I first meet people, I am super super quiet one.
After I get to know people, I am super super noisy one! ;)

Didn't really do much before lunch time.
Was having orientation and having my computer and phone set up.
After lunch, went to Sim Lim Square to take a look at the shelvings and stuff.
Came back to work in an Audi convertible! hahas.
When I came back there was nothing for me to do.
So I went to ask around if there is anything I could do!
Hardworking right? ;)

My desk! Nothing much. That's the computer being shut down cause I was going out.

So many people flew overseas for internship attachment!
Sent 8 of them a last week! Joy and I shared cost and bought them lil gifts :)
Suggested buying lip balms and Joy agreed, 
so I google to see which brand of lip balm is good for winter.
There were mention of Nivea, Burt's Bees, and a couple other.
Had almost bought Nivea Men's but saw reviews that it left a white cast after applying.
So I settled on buying...

Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balms! 
Partly also because the one I bought in USA saved my lips recently hahas.
So I suppose it really is good? It has a thick waxy feel but really moisturizing to the lips!

Drew little planes and bags hahas.
Hopefully those little planes do look like planes, and those bags do look like bags =P
Also hope they didn't mind the small little mistake I made. 
Started doing at night and completed everything only past midnight!

Those who are giving lip balms as gifts can try tying it like this ;)
I think it's simple and pretty hahas! Had a hard time tying those ribbons tightly though.
Initially I cannot tie tight enough and those lip balms will slip out by themselves :(
Anyways they all reached the countries that they flew to safely! :) Yay!

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