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Mediacorp's Celebrate 2013 show at The Float

Saturday 12 January 2013

Attended my first countdown party! :)
Tickets kindly sponsored by Marina Bay.
I think I am considered one of their AmBAYssadors?
Been receiving their mailers and invites but didn't really ask if I was one.

Brought youngest sister along with me! :)

But it was raining!!! :(

The sea of umbrellas!

Sis and her umbrella. I was in a poncho. Lazy to even hold an umbrella =P
Actually we only brought one, so I didn't want to snatch with sis ;)

A photo thru my poncho? hahahas.

Okays, let's get back to the party!

Lots of local talents appeared on stage that day!
eg. ShiGGa Shay, The Sam Willows and Trick :)

Even K-Pop stars (M.I.B and Skarf) appeared!
No photos though. Cause it was so hard to take photos! 
I brought my Canon Ixus 130 instead of DSRL cause it was raining.
Brilliant. I know.

Anyways the rain did stop for a short while.
But it was like on and of drizzle :(

More photos when the rain stopped =P

Busy snapping photos till I don't even know who was on the stage.
Stop snapping stage photos after this though.
Cause I couldn't stand it that all my photos turned out blur!

Pretty pretty view.

P.S The Float really has a really pretty view of the area.
On one side you can see the lighted CBD area.
On another side you can see Marina Bay Sands.
On the other, you can see the Singapore Flyer.

Photo with the Flyer and the stage in the background :)

A random shot I took.
That's where the fireworks will be shooting from ;)

Pretty MBS :)
Haven't been in their rooms before though :(
The view up there must be really pretty at night too!

Something cool there set up by Volkswagen.
You have to cycle that bike till you generate enough energy to take a photo!

And something most people will look forward to at a countdown party...

The only clear shot I managed to take?
Compact camera why you so lousy :(
The rest of the shots were all burred.
But anyways not the best fireworks I've seen.
Cause there was lots of smoke! Maybe due to the rain?

That's all for the event.
There was still partying going on after the fireworks.
But I left the place already.

First time at a countdown party.
I would say it is not bad an experience.
Would have been nicer if I have a whole bunch of friends there though!
It would have been so much more fun cause we can go crazy together.
Btw, you can bring your family there too!
Saw lots of family while we were there.
Really whole family attending the countdown party, grandparents, parents, kids!

May 2013 be a great year for all!
Shall end this post with an Outfit of the Day :)

Outfit of the Day
Vintage Floral Dress: WhatTheFash
Quote "Katelyn" for $1 off
(wore the dress as a top)
Shorts: Hollister
Bag: Longchamp

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