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Los Angeles Day 2

Wednesday 27 February 2013

Our first fast food in LA! First time eating at In-N-Out too :)
Here we also made new friends. No photos though. We just ate.
But you will see them in our Las Vegas road trip photos!

Shopping in Walmart after we were done eating! 
Took a bus here - first time taking a bus in Los Angeles. 
Two trolleys full of items! Bedsheets, blankets, pillows, hangers, pot, pan, utensils, etc!

Now our rooms have bedsheets! :) And Joy has her cozy lil corner.
We only have 2 beds in each room. Initially our plan was to have 3 ppl sleep on the bed together since it is wide enough. But you know the problem where it is always super awkward to sleep in the middle?
Sp one has to sleep on the ground. Joy offered to. But we said to take turns and she didn't want to.
And that corner became her cozy lil corner.

That's our supposedly dining table, which became our study table and was forever in a mess hahas.
Our dining area became the sofa area, we would all sit on the floor around the round table and eat!

Then we went out for dinner! Tried a korean food (Gushi Teriyaki & Korean BBQ) nearby and it was nice and serving was super large! As usual, the three of us would share food and we couldn't even finish the rice!

That's all for our day two in Los Angeles!

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  1. The photo of korean food (Gushi Teriyaki & Korean BBQ) is really yummy and mouth watering..Thanks for sharing this lovely trip experiences with us..Even I will be going to Los Angeles 2 day trip in next month for my travel event..