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[Review] Amethystory Mineral Yogurt Mask

Sunday 3 March 2013

Here's another review post!
So what is as edible as it is good for your skin?
Amethystory Mineral Yogurt Mask
Instant Brightening With Intense Hydration

I LOVE YOGURTS! Especially ice cream yogurts ;)
Btw, do you know that Yogurt is Not Just Good Food.
It can be Healthy Skin Treatment Mask Too!

Just about everyone knows about the benefits of consuming yogurt. Millions of beneficial pro-biotic that boost the immune system make yogurt one of the healthiest source dietary supplements and one of the best natural skincare remedies around. Alpha Hydroxyl Acid, a natural lactic acid present in abundance helps to smooth rough, dry skin and prevent
premature aging such as fine lines. A yogurt mask thus also helps to soothe, soften and tighten the skin while gently dissolving dead skin that is accumulated in the pores to help refine pores giving the skin a younger appearance. Its high nutrient content and natural antibacterial & antifungal properties also get rid of germs and other bacteria.

Here, with the use of advanced Bio-technology, Amethyst Mineral Yogurt Mask builds upon the natural goodness of premium yogurt with the additional special blend of Amethyst, Tranexamic acid, Hyaluronic acid, Bio Energy Fluid, Ginseng and Olive Oil. Your skin becomes instantly brighter, feels more moisturized and soft. With regular use, a fairer and more even skin tone will give you a natural radiant glow from within.

Product Efficacies and the Benefits of the main ingredients in this mask ;)

Now enough of details from the press release ;)
Time for my own review!

It's a tub type of packaging.
I'm okay with such packagings if they add in a spatula.
But they don't :( So I had to use my own.

Opened it up and ahhhhhh! It really smells like real yogurt!
Hmmm... smells a little like strawberry/berries yogurt ;)
Instead of using a spatula, now I think I'm gonna use a spoon #kidding

It has a liquid-gel-cream kind of texture?
Not very sure of how to describe it.
But it's not as thick as cream,
not really solid, and
not as rough as a gel.
In short, it has a very smooth and thin texture ;)

When I applied it, I didn't felt it was too thick.
After washing away the products, it still left a yummy yogurt smell on my hand.
But it wasn't those over-powering smell. Was a subtle sweet smell.
It's not too thick and also not greasy, so it's definitely something that I would use ;)

The Amethystory Mineral Yogurt Mask is retailing at SG$18.90!
Should be available in stores such as Watson and Guardian.
I would definitely recommend this mask to yogurt lovers :)
Those who love sweet smelling masks should try this too!

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