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Genting 2D1N March Getaway Day 2 + FX Micropay! :)

Saturday 13 April 2013

Feels like I'm living in the clouds! =P
Didn't sleep much at night! I think I slept only around 3am?
Sleepy max. Hahas.

A wide range of breakfast available there!

They cook fried kuay teow on the spot :)

And also cook eggs on the spot :)

Coffee, Tea, Water or Orange Juice?

The food we had :) Potato Wedges - my favorite =P
They had prata too. But the curry taste a lil different.

Took a bus to Ritz Carlton in KL :)

The main thing for this trip - FX Micropay launch!

Resorts World Genting launched a multi-currency pricing solution on its ‘iHoliday’ online reservation system, developed using FXmicropayTM, the Royal Bank of Scotland’s (RBS) innovative e-commerce foreign exchange management solution. Through RBS’s FXmicropay, Resorts World Genting will receive direct FX rates which are linked to the ‘iHoliday’ online reservation system, allowing customers to conduct instant multi-currency pricing and ultimately charging the same amount.

This makes Resorts World Genting the first resort in Malaysia to be offering such a service. At the launch were Mr Thomas Ng, Senior Vice President of eServices & Risk Management, Resorts World Genting and Andrew Sill, Country Executive of RBS Berhad together with Mr Chow Wei Heng, Vice President of National Marketing, Resorts World Genting. [Above details from Press Release]

Lots of yummy food at Ritz Carlton!

Bloggers had this opportunity to try out the system!

The online multi-currency pricing is now available at www.rwgenting.com :)
Under iHoliday booking for:
Resorts World Genting
Resorts World Kijal
Resorts World Langkawi

Everyone can now pay for their purchases online in any of these currencies:
Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
US Dollar (USD)
Singapore Dollar (SGD)

Now it's so easy to book a hotel in Genting!
No longer need to worry about exchange rate fluctuating ;)

Shopping at Pavilion.
But anyways that shopping mall only has higher end brands.
Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, Espirit, M.A.C, Forever21.
It's like a Takashimaya or ION.
Only grandma and sis bought stuffs there. I didn't.

I realized one thing. Shopping in Msia can really help me save money.
Cause when I see price tag, it's like RM$150 for a dress!
Sounds so ex right, then I won't buy. But actually only SG$60 hahas.

It's a campaign for malaysian women!
I'm not malaysian, didn't know what it was about at first.
They give me, then I just take LOL.
A nice campaign to brighten up any women's day!
All girls love receiving flowers ;)

Next, we were supposed to go to One Utama, board our coach and go back to SG.
But there was some traffic jam issues and the coach will only reach at 6pm instead of 4pm.
So... It was...

Shopped around One Utama.
It's a super super huge shopping mall!
Bigger than Vivocity!
All three of us bought stuffs here :)
I bought a dress and a belt ;)

Coach back to Singapore!
We only reached back at around 11pm or 12mn!
Can't really remember hahas.
All I remember was that I fell asleep on the coach, when I woke up, it was all dark.
And we were still far from home hahahahas.
Mega long ride back.

I survived on Wifi while I was in genting!
There was so many interesting things to do there, you won't have time for your phone anyways =P
Anyways, as bloggers, we were searching for wifi wherever we went to hahas!
Need to instagram and tweet! Note that it might be a lil hard to find wifi when in Genting.
But... JUST ENJOY THE TRIP WILL DO! Social media can wait ;)

That's all for my 2D1N Genting trip!
I want to go back to Genting soon! Singapore is too warm! :(

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