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A Trip to Joyville!

Monday 15 April 2013

Screenshots from CadburyNZ
Photo from CampaignBrief

All the bloggers taking the Joyrider to visit Joyville!
A Marvellous Journey to Joy :)

Yingjie, her bf, and I reached on time.
But we waited for awhile before the Joyrider came cause some bloggers were late.
The bus stop was filled with all the bloggers who are looking forward to going to Joyville! :)

Charter the Joyrider for free with a $20 purchase of Cadbury chocolates!
Go to www.joyrider.sg or call 62528515 for more details.
Terms and conditions apply.

Happy peeps getting free chocolate on the Joyrider!!!

 What do you do
when there are lots of cute props on the Joyrider?
Time to camwhore!

Tiffany and I :)
Got to know Tiffany during our Genting 2D1N trip!

Yingjie and her bf :)

Photo of the Joyrider and the really nice and friendly peeps from Cadbury!
Their outfit looks really cute right? :)

A photo with Yingjie at the event venue :)

Spot my signature ;)

First thing we did was to play at the Blind Tasting Booth!
We were supposed to be blind folded, try 3 different choco and guess what they were.
I was like "OMG I have no idea what I am eating" lols.
I got confused cause it was one chocolate after another hahahas.

Here's how the cute thumbdrive looks like!
Won it with a some help from Maybelline ;)

Next we went to the photo booth! :)

Played a marvellous bingo but we didn't win.

It was a cozy and nice event!

We were showed a really nice video!

Nice right?
Cadbury always has the best ads!
Still remember the eyebrows one? Hahas.

The 3 Marvellous ambassadors - Brad Lau, Beatrice Tan and Maureen Ow :)
They had a pinata to hit each with their respective flavors.
Happy happy event! Just look at how happy all the ambassadors were ;)

The pinatas had chocolates inside. Some of which had a sticker on them.
Those who can find the chocolates with the sticker will get free Night Safari tickets for two!
Everyone were happily searching for the stickers :)

Before and after they said that the chocolate was free for use to take =P

A photo with Brad (a.k.a Ladyironchef) :)
Photo thanks to Tiffany!

Photo with the pretty balloons at the event venue!

Outfit of the Day
Dress: Missypixie
Cardigan: Cotton On
Wedges: Kiyo Shoes
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Belt: Hollyhoque

Love the Missypixie dress I wore that day.
It comes with a sash but I didn't use it that day ;)
This dress is similar to one dress that they used to have in the past.
But the material for this is alot better!
The chiffon is thicker and the inner lining is softer ;)

Photo with the Joyrider!

More camwhore photos ;)

Photo thanks to Yingjie's bf :)
One last photo and we are back to reality :(

Photo from CadburyAU
The three marvellous flavors we were introduced to at the event :)

More information here:

Photo from my instagram
Now it's time to enjoy my yummy chocolates at home! :)

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