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[Tutorial] 3 Simple Steps to a Flawless Skin

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Concealors are very important to help achieve flawless skin.
So to start of this post, I shall first share my two favorite concealors!
Followed by the 3 simple steps to a flawless skin.
Then end of with a before and after photo :)


Here are my two favorite concealors!

To conceal under eye dark circles:
K-Palette's Zero Kuma Concealor Type 1
Tip: For concealing under eye dark circles, always pick one with a salmon tone.

To conceal blemishes:
Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealor Number 8
(It's actually a lil too dark for me. Should have gotten Number 7.
Got it when I was still tanned from the USA trip. Didn't want to waste it. But it works anyways.)


3 Simple Steps to a Flawless Skin!

1) Conceal Under Eye Dark Circles
Product Used: K-Palette's Zero Kuma Concealor Type 1
a) Always start off about 1cm away from your eye.
b) Then slowly spread the product upwards.
That way, you can slowly layer up.
But most importantly is that you will not end up getting concealor on your lashes!

Note: I shared this in May's Vanity Trove Q&A sections too!

2) Conceal Blemishes
Product Used: Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealor Number 8
You can see that there is a little uneven skin tone as the concealor wasn't of a correct shade! :(

Tip: Get a concealor of the exact shade to your skin.
That way, you can event skip foundation if you want to go light that day ;)

Note: This tutorial was done long long ago
Some of the hyperpigmentations have disappeared already :)
All thanks to my DRx products! ♥

3) Even Out Skintone Using a Foundation/Tinted Moisturizer
Product Used: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Creme Compact


Here is the before and after!
Before (left) : Only eye makeup on
After (right) : Concealors + Tinted Moisturizer

That's all for this tutorial!
Thanks for reading ♥

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